Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Appears on Sixx Sense’s Last Episode

Slash appeared on the last episode of Nikki Sixx’s show Sixx Sense on YouTube. I’ve pasted the interview below. It’s about 21 minutes long and I’ve summarized the key points from the interview.

  • Slash discussed some his favourite riffs including Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog.
  • Slash also said that he played a gig with Jason Bonham years ago and he was improvising Whole Lotta Love and Jason showed him how to play it correctly.
  • Slash talked about writing riffs and how he usually doesn’t use a metronome when coming up with riffs. This in turn makes him write riffs in strange time signatures.
  • Slash played a few riffs from Aerosmith and talked about Back in the Saddle.
  • Slash talked about how old he was when guitar playing started to feel natural.
  • He talked about how he used to get tabulature before the days of YouTube for AC/DC songs and how a lot of it isn’t even correct.
  • Slash showed Nikki Sixx how to play the intro to Welcome to the Jungle and talked about how they wrote the song in around 3 hours.
  • Slash discussed the writing for Appetite for Destruction and how it came naturally and how the band didn’t over think the song writing process.
  • Slash also discusssed his favourite Motley Crue songs.
  • Slash also shared a funny story about a stalker he had who claimed Slash stole riffs from him telepathically. The stalker sent Slash death threats. Slash ended up having to get a restraining order.
  • Slash also discussed an unnamed song (it’s Dirty Little Thing from Contraband) with whom he, Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan worked on with two unnamed musicians ( who I believe were Josh Todd and Keith Nelson from Buckcherry) who apparently stole it from another band. The band who sued Velvet Revolver was an unknown UK band called Voodoo Six, who happened to share a studio space with Josh Todd and Keith Nelson. Check out more about the lawsuit here.

Slash was also interviewed on radio by Nikki Six. Check out a snippet of the interview below!