Who Did Rock Journalist Mitch Lafon Interview From Guns N’ Roses?

Dizzy Reed Interviewed About His Latest Solo Record and Guns N’ Roses?

A few weeks ago Rock Journalist Mitch Lafon teased on social media that he would be interviewing Guns N’ Roses for his podcast. It wasn’t clear at the time who would be talking to Lafon. Some fans speculated it was Slash or Duff given that they would likely be promoting the upcoming Appetite for Destruction reissue. It was revealed yesterday that the interview was with keyboardist Dizzy Reed. You can listen to the interview here. Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Alan Niven also sat in on the podcast as well. A fan from the MYGNRFORUM’s summarized the interview below:

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Richard is talented as hell and looks super cool

Proud to be apart of Chinese democracy

Slash and duff make the cd songs feel like guns n roses songs

“You’ll know before I do” on whether a live album will be released

Axl told Dizzy very early on he would be the keyboard player when they added one

Really thankful to axl for the opportunity.  No where else he would want to be.  He is loyal to axl because axl was loyal to him.

The first show was very emotional, felt right.  He is happy for the fans.

Really happy for steven adler that he got to play with the guys again.

New music would be cool

Singing is hard, has a lot of respect for axl.

Axl singing for AC/DC is “cool as fuck”

Hopes to promote his solo album in 2019 but if GnR comes calling that is his priority.

Lots of talk about his solo record, hookers n blow and the dead dasies.

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