Guns N’ Roses Izzy Stradlin’s Yearbook On Sale on Ebay!

Izzy Stradlin

Izzy Stradlin’s Yearbook on Sale on Ebay

According to a poster on MyGNRForum, someone is selling Izzy Stradlin’s 1979 Jefferson High School Yearbook from Lafayette, Indiana featuring a young photo of Izzy Stradlin. The asking price is currently $350.00 US, which is ridiculous. Check out the photos below and description of the item. You can check it out here as well.

Amazing, awesome and just down right rare- an Original, Estate find 1979 Jefferson High School Lafayette, Indiana yearbook featuring a young Izzy Stradlin in his Junior year of High School. There is two photos of him, his class photo and him skateboarding!!! awesome photo!!

And, you won’t believe this, but PAUL HUGE, yes, Paul Tobias from the 2001 lineup is also listed in the yearbook, however there is no photograph. Amazing early link to Paul, the most unknown GnR member. No photos of Axl, or Dave Lank for that matter either nor a mention of either one in the index. Just Izzy skatin’ away his teenage years. No writing whatsoever in the yearbook. But there’s some sorta yearly supplement too that comes with it. No related photos in it however.

Oh the cool Corvette and Trans Am and nifty pen with red grip aren’t included. They’re there as a standout so people don’t steal the photos and plaster ‘em everywhere.

Check out the other assorted Stuff I’ve got listed, I bet you’ll enjoy doing so. Oh also, just make an offer. 😉

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Slash Upsets Some Fans With His Birthday Message to Tom Morello

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash wished current Prophets of Rage Tom Morello a happy birthday on his Instagram a couple of days ago, sharing a photo of the guitarist playing a guitar with ‘a message to President Donald Trump written on it. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx praised the photo in the comments section. Check out what the fans had to say below!

Nikki Sixx commented, “To the point.”

matty_a_4 commented, “Really, you had to do something political?”

pete_corritori commented, “Such a downer…I like rock for the music not some guy that slams politics down your throat every time he gets onstage….”

jarjon76 commented, “Hi triggered MAGAs.”

theaudioparrott commented, “Love Morello, still love Trump 🤘”

bfish1776 commented, “TRUMP2020.”

aalexisgabriell commented, “I love u Slash, but, Go Trump!”

beast_c0ast commented, “It’s always a trip to see one of your favorite guitarist so misled and influenced by the same people he claims to fight against. But alright.”

troyxholmes commented, “Lol… Trump2020.”

adamlevendig commented, “Trump is doing an amazing job, it’s undeniable. He’s delivering on EVERYTHING he promised. The economy is the strongest it’s been in recent history. Sure, he has his faults, but he’s human, we all have faults. He’s quite simply the greatest president since Reagan.”

gearhartguitar commented, “Truck Fump!✊”

muskymoon commented, “One of the absolute worst moves a musician can do is to bring up politics. When they asked Elvis about his political beliefs he said “I just play music.” He was a smart man and didn’t lose half of his fans with that comment.”

What’s your opinion on the photo and what do you think of Slash tweeting that photo?