Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel

Slash at the Troubadour Talking Reunion

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Appears on jimmy Kimmel

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash appeared on Jimmy Kimmel awful late night show this week. You can check out the interview below. Slash also performed his new single ‘The River is Rising’ with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. The link to that peformance is also down below. Slash in the interview discussed his early days on the Sunset Strip, making the new Conspirators album and talked briefly about going back out on tour with Guns N’ Roses later this year.


In 1991 a Show in Guns N’ Roses Hometown of Los Angeles Nearly Ended in a Riot

Today Rock N’ Roll True Stories takes a look at the time Guns N’ Roses played 4 shows at the LA Forum in late July and August of 1991. Check out the full story below.

In 1991 Guns N’ Roses did something strange. They went on tour 5 months before their highly anticipated double album Use Your Illusion was released. What was even stranger was that the album wasn’t even finished yet when they hit the road. The band had to finish up the record while on the road and some bits were recorded during live gigs including the intro and outro to ‘Get in the Ring’ found on Use Your Illusion 2. 


The Use Your Illusion Tour would mark one of hte longest tours in rock history spanning 192 shows over 2.5 years and see the band lose one of it’s key members Izzy Stradlin in addition to late starts, fines, controversies, lawsuits and today’s topic riots. While only two riots are discussed in the context of the tour, the infamous 1991 St. Louis riot and the 1992 montreal riot, there was a near riot that happened during the tour all over a traffic ticket. Let’s explore what happened in today’s video .


Almost a month after the St. Louis riot in late july and early august guns n’ roses were playing 4 shows in a row at the Great Western forum in Inglewood. These shows were notable because at one of the concerts Guns N’ Roses played an almost 4 hour show, while also playing some deep tracks off their unreleased Use Your Illusion albums at the time including Locomotive. In addition to that Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hoon joined the band on stage as well. At the second show of the band’s 4 date residency at the Forum,  Axl was being driven to the venue by his limo driver who allegedly made an illegal left turn and received a traffic ticket by a police officer working the event. While being issued a ticket the LA Times reported that the Guns N’ Roses frontman stuck his head out of the limo’s sunroof and argued with the ticketing officer claiming his driver was simply following instructions of a traffic control officer who instructed them to make the left turn. Rose’s attempt to talk the officer out of issuing the ticket failed and so he arrived at the venue in a rage and  threatened to not go on stage unless the ticket was torn up. This resulted in a back and forth between the police, more specifically an officer named Lt Tom Hoffman and Rose and his manager with the police finally giving in and tearing up the ticket in fear that a riot similar to what happened in St. Louis could break out. That night during the show Rose thanked Lt Hoffman for his actions. actions. Geffen Records publicist Bryn Brydenthaal would issue a statement to the LA Times that read “Before a show, Axl is volatile. It’s a sensitive time 


But the LA Times interviewed one officer who was unhappy at Rose’s preferential treatment telling the paper “Everybody is treated the same–we are preached that every day,”


The police had to clarify their position and actions revealing they didn’t technically tear up the ticket, but rather sent it back for further investigation with one officer telling the paper 


“Rather than stick our feet in the mud and say, ‘No, we’re going to treat you like everybody else,’ we chose to avoid a riot,” s“We don’t need 19,000 people at the Forum rioting over a traffic ticket.”.


About a week after the incident the LAPD would reverse their decision and move ahead with the ticket costing Rose’s driver $60.00. The judge determined there was no one who misled’s Rose driver who was at the scene of the incident. 

But the LA Times reported something else interesting. They claimed because Guns N’ Roses went on stage late and ended their concerts later than what the city curfews allowed, they would be facing thousands of dollars in fines. Not to mention the overtime dues they had to pay to their union staff. The paper reported Rose arrived late to one of the shows complaining of a stomach ache and two of the shows ended after 1;30 in the morning. The paper laid out how much the fines were reporting saying  the city charges $500 for each time a show ended between 12:45 a.m. and 1 a.m., $1,000 for any show that ended between 1 a.m. and 1:15 a.m. and $1,500 for any 15-minute period after that, city officials said..


The traffic violation even came up during an interview with Rose on Rockline several months later ahead of the band’s show in Boston. Here’s the clip.