Why Rockstars Don’t Like Steel Panther

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Rockstars & Media Types Who Don’t Like Steel Panther

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they take a look at the band Steel Panther & some of their feuds involving Motley Crue, Eddie “I know everybody” Trunk and more!

Steel Panther’s brand of rock n’ roll which pays homage to the rock greats of the 80’s has rubbed some people the wrong way, resulting in some words being exchanged between the band and their detractors. Today, let’s take a look at which people and groups have called out Steel Panther. Nikki Sixx – Nikki Sixx has had his fair share of feuds over the year, but perhaps my favourite was the one with Steel Panther. The feud started when Steel panther were doing an interview with little punk people on their youtube channel and were asked which favourite rockstar of theirs they’d bring back from the dead as they stated here. IT was following the interview that music sites picked up on the comments and Nikki Sixx responded “The singer in steal panther [sic] can go f himself… wanna be band putting down @thevinceneil?” he tweeted. Adding that the band were backstabbers. Steel panther toured with motley crue a few years earlier as Satchel telling Meltdown There are bands that hate our guts,”“We did a tour a few years ago with Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe […] And Mötley Crüe – they hated us. They wanted to kill us. Every night they wanted to kill us.”

The feud only got more heated when the band tweeted hey siri what’s backstabbing and posted an old interview with Sixx from the mid 90’s after Neil left the band temporarily and the bassist made some disparaging remarks as he said here. Then as recently as this year Monarch Films which has done a number of documentaries on rock bands that strangely enough used a photo of Steel Panther on their documentary of Motley Crue. Michael Starr would make note of the mistake on his instagram. Eddie Trunk – Radio host Eddie “I know everybody and hung out with them’ trunk has long expressed his distaste for the band Steel Panther. It was during his show he was asked to name one band he never thought would make it and he singled out steel panther saying “It amazes me – the amount of shows and attention… They’ve gotten huge in England, but in America, they’re still basically a House of Blues-level band, but it always amazed me how popular Steel Panther got from what they started out as, which was a band called Metal School. “They’re still a parody, a spoof, on ’80s rock. I think there’s a segment of their fanbase that isn’t even in on the joke, that is younger. It was a year earlier he was a little more critical saying “I have nothing personal against anybody in the band. They are good people, they are good players and all that. But it’s a spoof. It’s an act. It’s mocking 80’s hard rock….“My time and energy are going to be invested into the bands from that era, that are still trying to make new, credible, real music. … The bass player [Lexxi Foxx] literally applies makeup while the show is happening. His hands aren’t even on the bass. Cause I guess they are running a track or something.

Satchel would respond to few years ago Steel Panther guitarist Satchel would team up with TC Electronics to release a guitar pedal called the Expletive Melter. The online backlash which probably accounted for a a few hundred people called the band sexist and mysogistic was enough to get the company to pull the release and issue an apology so Steel Panther would release the pedal themselves. It was in 2019 the band would release their latest record in 2019 titled heavy metal rules. Some rock critics published scathing reviews of the album with New musical express writing that the album has and i quote “dumb guitar riffs”. You then had publications like Vice writing articles about what they described as and i quote ‘the sad cult of Steel Panther’ Stix Zadinia would publish a tweet addressing the hate writing o all the haters and critics who ripped on us (or ANY band ever): I DARE you to write a song. I dare you to put it out to the world. I dare you to try and follow your dreams. I dare you to have real balls. So let’s hear it, since you know what’s good. Let us hear YOUR band. That does it for today’s video guys thanks for watching and be sure ot hit the like button and subscribe.