Slash’s Girlfriend Responds to Confusion Over Next Slash Album With Myles Kennedy

Myles Kennedy and Slash

It’s been a confusing week for Guns N’ Roses fans! First Meegan Hodges who is Slash’s current girlfriend told a fan on instagram that Slash was in the studio with Myles Kennedy working on the next Conspirators album. Then Myles Kennedy went on Eddie Trunk last week and claimed that he isn’t currently working with Slash. According to Myles he is spending most of 2018 focusing on his solo album titled Year of the Tiger and 2019 will be dominated by his commitments to Alter Bridge. A fan reached out to Meegan to clarify the situation following Kennedy’s remarks. See her response below.

It’s also important to note that Slash was recently spotted at Disneyland with Meegan and the Conspirators (minus Myles), so I imagine there’s definitely been talk of recording a new album. See the photos below! It also just happened to be the Conspirators Bassist Todd “Dammit” Kerns birthday on December 5th so I am sure they were also celebrating that!

What do you guys think is going on? I have a theory that maybe it’s all a cover for a new Guns N’ Roses album that is going to be recorded next year, but I could be wrong.

Meegan Hodges Responding to Fan About Status of Slash’s Next Album


Slash at Disneyland with the Conspirators minus Myles!
Slash With the Conspirators in Disneyland
Slash With the Conspirators Minus Myles!


  1. Hope Cobb

    What I would like to happen is a new GNR album but can you imagine all the hard work that would involve?? They are getting older and I just can’t see that happening. MK seems to be very busy with his own projects. Not to say MK won’t show up after 2019 but I highly doubt it. The only other plan I can see is Todd Kerns leading in Slash’s band but to be honest, the little I’ve heard hasn’t impressed me as much as MK’S voice. My hope is that MK joins the C and Slash and MK jam. I think Slash will jam either way until his last breath! They (GNR) are so polished now sober, seems insane not to do new GNR music but I think it would be way to much. Touring is exhausting, I see that so I just don’t know. I’m personally a little disappointed that Axl is not more involved w his fans. Makes me think Axl is just not interested in much more work as in touring. Not her thing has me thinking this thing w Beta and her intentions. I don’t know much about her so that’s kind of unfair to think but that’s me. I guess we will just have to see. Im just thankful to see them all alive for one lol, and healthy and sharing music w us!!

    1. admin


  2. Danielle

    I am hoping Sidd that you are right. I want to believe. I just can’t believe that there won’t be any new music ever from these guys!

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