Guns N’ Roses Manager Teases 2018 News?

Guns N’ Roses current Manager Fernando Lebeis recently posted a 2017 holiday message. Check out his message below. It appears 2018 could be another exciting year for Guns N’ Roses fans, at least according to Fernando We already know that Slash won’t be working with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators anytime soon on a new album. We also know that Guns N’ Roses will be in Europe this upcoming summer playing a few months of concerts.

For me the only thing that could top the last two years are:

  • New Music
  • Steven Adler or Izzy Stradlin returning
  • Axl Rose working with AC/DC
  • Guns N’ Roses releasing some sort of concert DVD or documentary from the past few years
  • Perfect Crime documentary from the Use Your Illusion Tour?

What about you guys and gals? What do you think 2018 has in store for Guns N’ Roses fans? We were fortunate enough to run into Fernando and have a chat with him last November when we saw Guns N’ Roses at the Staples Center. He was a really good dude who chatted with us for a few minutes, took a few photos for us and asked us how we were liking the concert. He even remembered Kevin from the April 1, 2016 Troubadour show.


Make sure you guys tune into our December 28, 2017 podcast where we will recap the past year and take questions from our fans! Check out our latest video from our channel below!



  1. wip243

    Fernando is getting married this year. His baby mamma posted on Instagram her Bachelorette party and when she mailed her “gold enveloped” wedding invitations. Sasha, Axl’s ex was one of the names on the invitations. (yes I am a stalker)

    1. Danielle

      maybe a little stalkerish… but might I say great detective work. : )

  2. Dana joseff

    I know whats the next big thing a new album.a residency in vegas omg i pray for a resudency i must

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