Tracii Guns of LA Guns Talks Guns N’ Roses!

Tracii Guns of the band LA Guns answered fan questions from Guitar World where he spoke about Guns N’ Roses, gear and his group’s album.

He was asked about how he met Axl Rose. Check out the exchange below

“You helped form Guns N’ Roses in the mid Eighties. How did you first meet Axl Rose?

Tracii Guns: I first met Axl from Izzy [Stradlin]. Izzy always told me, “Yeah, you know, I have this buddy in Indiana. He can really sing. I’m gonna bring him out here.” Izzy was living at my mom’s house. I was about 16 or 17 and he was about 19 or 20. And so eventually Axl came out and they put together, I think it was probably Hollywood Rose. And then L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose and Poison did a show—our first show—together at Madame Wong’s West. Poison played upstairs in the big room and L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose played in the small room downstairs and that was really the first day I heard Axl sing. It was at soundcheck. And I was like, “Holy shit!” He was incredible. We became friends after that, and within the next six months he ended up singing for L.A. Guns. And we eventually changed that into Guns N’ Roses. I was in that version of Guns N’ Roses for about eight months and then I took off to do L.A. Guns again.”

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