Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash’s Interview with Joe Perry and Nikki Sixx Recap!

Slash appeared on both Nikki Sixx’s YouTube show (My Favourite Riff) and his radio show this past weekend. Both episodes were the last of each series. If you want to see a recap of his interview on his YouTube show along with the full interview click here. Slash also appeared on the radio show this past thursday night in a pre-taped segment that had also had Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry on as well.

I’ve listened to the full hour long interview and provided a summary of it below. If you’d like to see the full interview check the link at the bottom of this article

  • Nikki talked about hating to ask his musician friends to come on his show. He said the first time Slash came on his show was 7 years ago when Slash had his first solo record out.
  • Nikki talked about the first time he met Slash. Nikki said Slash used to spend a lot of time at Nikki’s house in Van Nuys in Los Angeles. Slash seemed to recall the first time they met was possibly at the Cathouse in Los Angeles since they used to hang out there a lot.
  • Slash told a funny story about how when he was in high school in 1982 in his final year Tommy Lee and Nikki came to his school and gave flyers to three groupie chicks who promoted an upcoming Motley Crue show. Slash said he ended up going to that exact show at the Whisky where the band Wine and Tea opened.
  • Slash and Nikki talked about Los Angeles having so many musical influences from punk rock to metal and how tons of people from around the country would move to Los Angeles to pursue their musical dreams.
  • Slash talked about playing an acoustic show at CBGB in New York with Guns N’ Roses and how exciting it was to play a venue where bands like the New York Dolls had also played.
  • Slash talked about how he has a cold and how since the 2000’s there hasn’t been a discernible decade. Like the 80’s and 90’s had their own unique music, but not so much for the 2000’s and beyond.
  • Slash joked that the 1990’s were his lost decade and he doesn’t remember too much.
  • Slash talked about some of his past guitar techs. He said his first guitar tech was a guy named Joe Zook who was a friend of Guns N’ Roses. He didn’t change strings, but he would hand Slash his guitars and his slide on stage. His next one after Joe was Jason Sopel who was a true tech who even got thrown up on.
  • Slash said Adam Day (who is his current tech with Guns N’ Roses) was the best tech he’s had and he’s been with Slash since 1988, with the exception of the time Slash was in Velvet Revolver.
  • Slash talked a little bit about the Guns N’ Roses Reunion and the first time he talked to Axl Rose after leaving the band in 1996. Slash said he was in Peru on tour (according to this was in March 2015) and they first talked on the phone and then met in person. He said the media fostered a lot of bad feelings and exaggerated stories.
  • Slash and Nikki said they both can’t go on long vacations and always have to be creating or doing something to keep busy.
  • Slash talked a bit about sobriety and how he’s been sober for 11 years. He said since becoming sober in 2006 he’s had a lot of bad stuff happen in his life and he couldn’t imagine going back to drugs or alcohol during these times.
  • Slash said whenever he was on the road he would never use because he was motivated to play music and it would be too difficult trying to chase a dealer while on the road to get his next fix.
  • Slash said he recently build a new studio for recording new material (whether that was new Guns N’ Roses or Conspirators album is unclear)
  • Slash also talked about becoming Gibson’s Global Brand Ambassador. He said he’s been working with Gibson since the Velvet Revolver days and how he got a free shirt out of the deal and got to design one of his own guitars – the firebird he uses on tour. Slash said he used to use a firebird during the street scene days with Guns N’ Roses
  • Slash said he once lost track of some of his guitars around 1997/1998 when someone from his inside circle stole them. The thieves tried to sell them to Guitar Center and got caught. He ended up getting all his guitars back except for one, which was a 1988 Gold Top.
  • Slash said he used to buy a lot of guitars back in the day once he started making money. He said for the Use Your Illusion albums he bought a bunch of guitars, but since then he’s mostly gotten free guitars from Gibson. He typically gets 10 free guitars for every Slash model that comes out.
  • Slash talked about his first guitar being a Memphis Les Paul Copy.
  • Slash talked about the creepy and weird shit he posts on social media. He says he’s gotten complaints from parents who meet him in person and complain about their kids seeing the stuff he posts. He usually apologizes, but says he won’t censor himself.
  • Slash talked about how drugs can ruin a lot of grade bands and make people feel entitled.
  • Slash and Nikki discussed how things would have been different back in the 1980’s and 1990’s had social media been around to capture their antics.
  • Slash said he doesn’t like people using cellphones at shows since people aren’t really paying attention to the music. Then again he said it’s hard to fight against people using cellphones at shows. On the bright side he said it allows people who can’t make the shows to watch them on YouTube. Slash and Nikki talked about loving finding bootlegs at local record stores when they were kids.
  • Slash told Nikki he should release a photo book and Nikki said he’s working on it.
  • Later on in the interview Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry called in from Boston. Joe was out in Boston doing a charity gig. Joe Perry talked about working on a new solo album and putting a box set together of his old solo stuff.
  • Slash said he loves the Joe Perry song South Station Blues. Slash told a story about driving around Santa Monica beach late at night many years ago after his grandmother died and jumping off dunes at nearby construction sites.
  • Slash said he can’t watch Spinal Tap before any gigs because it hits too close to home. He said he once watched it before a gig and the gig was terrible.
  • Joe Perry asked Slash what he’s up to and Slash said he’s busy working on new material and trying to navigate the holidays.
  • The guys talked about Christmas tree shopping for a bit.
  • Joe talked about his favourite riff being Train Kept a Rollin by Tiny Bradshaw.
  • Slash talked about seeing Chuck Berry live once and how the show was terrible. Slash said Chuck Berry pulled up in his car, got on stage, played 5 songs with the local band and left. Slash said he couldn’t make out what the songs were.

Check out the full interview here!