Guitar Designed & Signed by Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Up for Auction

A poster on the MYGNRFORUM posted the link to an auction where a Slash designed and signed guitar is up for sale. If you remember this past summer, Guns N’ Roses were on tour in Europe and during one of their stops in Poland, Slash took the time to sign the guitar. Originally the guitar was meant for Slash, but once Slash heard about the charity he decided to put it up for auction. A video about the guitar is at the bottom of this post. The auction runs until January 29, 2018. The poster had this to say about the guitar:

“Some of you may already know about it , but here’s a quick reminder. Back in march I decided to get in touch with an artist (absolute genius with an aerograph in his hands) in Poland, Simon Chwalisz, who’s known for painting guitars. In recent years  all of them went up for auctions during the grand finals of “The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” foundation. Every second sunday of January Poles around the world gather money to buy necessary equipment for the child’s departments in Polish hospitals and improve the healthcare. That particular day is really a tradition in Poland, for 26 years now we treat it like a holiday. People would go out to see concerts and shows located at the main squares in every single city in Poland and simply give their money to the foundation. It’s like a big festival of generosity and happiness where thousands of volunteers across the country are carrying a box with GOCC’s heart on it, like those:

“At this year’s finale we’re auctioning the guitar I mentioned at the beginning. As always before Slash’s shows in Poland I wanted to prepare a surprise during the show, but this time I decided to tell Slash everything so we could make it properly. As I said I got in touch with Simon, then with Slash, we managed to get a Gibson Les Paul Standard, then we spent over a month to design it the way Slash wanted. When Simon painted it, we gave it to the “Guitar Help” store in Warsaw so they”d prepare it according to Slash’s recommendations. Then we met with curlyhead himself at the GNR’s hotel before the show in Gdansk (June 20th), Slash tried it out and signed it. Now it’s up for auction, every single person around the world can actually buy it! Please share it wherever you can, we’re saving kids here :heart: Let me introduce it to you:”

slash 2

Technical specification:

  1. Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016
  2. Pickups: Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro
  3. Strings: Ernie Ball 11-48 Power Cobalt Slinky
  4. Straplocks: Schaller Straplock GH

For those interested, the link to the auction is here.