Former Guns N’ Roses Engineer Tapped For Music In the Park Series

According to HudsonValley, an Engineer who worked on Guns N’ Roses debut album Appetite for Destruction, has been named the organizer of a Music In the Park Series at Dutchmen’s Landing in Catskill.

Victor Deyglio is taking over from John Campisi who quit his position after 20 years. Deyglio praised Campisi’s work of bringing in diverse bands to the series. Deyglio said he wants to avoid making dramatic changes.

“It’s so diverse, he offers so many different types of entertainment,” Deyglio said of Campisi. “If I can do it as well as John, that’ll be amazing.”

According to the publication:

  • Deyglio said his work as a producer and musician qualifies him for the job. He sees it as a way of helping the community.
  • Deyglio said he is willing to take suggestions for booking acts and he said there will be country, rock, blues and maybe some soul. He also wants to book a good doowop act for older audiences.
  • Deyglio wants to hire a sound company to provide a large PA system so performers don’t have to use their own sound systems. “That’s my short-term goal,” he said.

Deyglio was given the title “Victor ‘the fuckin’ engineer'” on the album Appetite for Destruction