UPDATE: Legendary Guitar Player DJ Ashba Not Working With Guns N’ Roses or Axl Rose!

Clarification on DJ Ashba’s Recent Posts on Social Media

It was rumoured last week on the MYGNRForums and various Facebook groups that the legendary axeman DJ Ashba was perhaps working with Guns N’ Roses again. Some speculated that his role could be as a producer on a new song or album. Jarmo who is close with the band Guns N’ Roses and runs the website Here Today Gone to Hell, took to Twitter to provide clarification on the matter. See his post below

Some posters on various online sites even speculated that DJ Ashba was perhaps working with Axl Rose and AC/DC on a new album. It turns out Ashba was most likely being nostalgic of his time with Guns N’ Roses. With Sixx AM on break it could be that perhaps Ashba is working on a new musical project.

Is GNR Working on New Music?

Check out my latest video on my YouTube channel where I break down five reasons why I think Guns N’ Roses may release new music in the near future. Let’s be real, there’s also a bunch of things I could point to that mean that we may never hear new music. Either way take a minute to check it out and let me know your thoughts.



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