Photo of Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash in the Studio Emerges!

UPDATE January 7, 2017 Slash’s Son’s Band In the Studio

It appears that Slash’s Son London was in the studio with his band Classless Act. Some fans are thinking Slash was in the studio to help his son’s band. it also appears that Slash’s guitar tech Adam Day is in the picture I posted below. Check out Classless Act’s Instagram post below. Classless Act is also in the process of looking for a vocalist. See their post below.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 9.25.41 AM
Classless Act Singer Wanted

Slash in the Studio?

The photo below was posted on Instagram by the Slash_Fan_Club on Instagram. The photo was apparently taken by Slash’s son London. It’s unknown when this photo was taken, but Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash looks to be in the studio. This was corroborated by Slash who told Nikki Sixx on his show The Sixx Sense that he was busy working on new material. It looks like Slash’s guitar tech Adam Day is in the studio with Slash as well. Whether that was new material for a Guns N’ Roses album or Conspirators album still remains to be seen.

In Other News: Guns N’ Roses ‘Greatest’ Hits Sells Over Six Million Copies in the US!

According to Billboard, the Guns N’ Roses Greatest Hits Album hit another milestone, surpassing 6 million units sold in the United States. Released in 2004 with minimal promotion the album was released by Guns N’ Roses record company due to the fact that Axl Rose had failed to deliver the long-awaited album Chinese Democracy. Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash filed a lawsuit against the record company to stop the album’s release, claiming the album was assembled without their involvement.. Of course they were unsuccessful in their suit.

According to Billboard “the best-of album surpasses 6 million in total U.S. sales, as it sold another 4,000 copies in the week ending Dec. 28 (up 14 percent). The set’s sales now stand at 6.002 million. The album was released in 2004, peaked at No. 3, and has spent 425 weeks on the list. Since the release of the Hits album, the band has released one studio set — Chinese Democracy, in 2008, which topped out at No. 3.”

For those who missed it check out my documentary on the album below!