Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum Spotted at the 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival!

Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum Go to the Movies!

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer and Rhythm Guitarist Matt Sorum and Izzy Stradlin were spotted at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The Festival runs from January 2 to January 15, 2018. This photo was taken within the last week. I was actually in Palm Springs this time last year and my Inlaws went to the film festival. I am kicking myself for not going to Palm Springs this year again.

For those who don’t know Izzy Stradlin lives in Ojai California which is about 200 miles from Palm Springs. It’s not the first time Sorum and Stradlin have been spotted together. Both musicians worked together on Izzy’s 2016 track Fighter Pilot (F.P) Money! You can check it out below!

matt sorum and izzy
Izzy Stradlin and Matt Sorum in Palm Springs


We recently had former LA Weekly reporter Art Tavana on our weekly podcast. He wrote an in-depth piece about trying to find Izzy Stradlin. It’s a great read that I recommend you check out! Check out our chat with Art Tavana below!

Marc Canter Launches Website For His Book & Photography

Author, photographer and Canter’s Deli owner Marc Canter has recently launched a website for his book Reckless Road and his photography. The website can be visited here. Canter previously used to sell his book and photography on Ebay. At the time of writing this post, his Ebay store appears to still be up. While many people may associate Marc Canter with Guns N’ Roses, he does have other bands pictures on his site for sale. The bands include The Scorpions, Nikki Sixx, Judas Priest and Prince. I remember when we interviewed Marc Canter last November in Los Angeles, he did have a lot of these photos on display at the back of Canter’s deli.

For those who missed it, check out our awesome interview with Marc Canter below! Marc Canter was super awesome and we had a great time at Canter’s Deli! Will definitely be going back in the future!