Slash’s Snakepit Singer Rod Jackson Gives Interview! Discusses Snakepit & His Solo Album!

Rod Jackson Promotes Upcoming Solo Album In Interview

Slash’s Snakepit Singer Rod Jackson was recently interviewed on the Appetite for Distortion Podcast. Jackson served as the singer for the second incarnation of Snakepit which lasted from 1999-2001 before disbanding. While his phone connection during the interview isn’t the best, he does talk for almost an hour about his career, Snakepit and his upcoming solo album. I’ve summarized the interview below:

  • Said Slash’s icon and he loves the guy.
  • Slash gave the show to Rod Jackson when it came to performing on stage.
  • Grew up in the south influenced by Allman Brothers, Glen Campbell, James Brown to name a few
  • Started out playing drums when he was younger
  • Had supportive parents.
  • Left home around 17 or 18. Always worked in restaurants. He played in bands along the way.
  • Slash’s snakepit was his first big break
  • Johnny Griparic his friend and Snakepit guitarist helped him get the Snakepit gig. He said Slash had gone through a lot of singers and Jackson felt pressure to hit it out of the park on the first song. He said he learned a lot from Slash and his bandmates.
  • He said him and Slash crossed paths before Snakepit as they had a mutual friend in West arkeen.
  • Slash notified him wearing shorts shorts he got the gig by the swimming pool one day.
  • A lot of the snakepit songs were supposed to be Guns N’ Roses songs.
  • Collaborative effort in song writing. Slash and his bandmates were great to play with.
  • Second incarnation of Snakepit being disbanded had nothing to do with Geffen and Axl. The first snakepit was disbanded once Geffen pulled touring money. There was some confusion over this during the interview
  • Band had trouble with sobriety but band kept it together. They went as far as it could go. Once Rod saw how the machine was working he thought he could get their own machine so he decided to pursue his solo career.
  • Rod confirmed there are quite a few unreleased tracks off Ain’t Life Grand. He’d love to say the names but he doesn’t want to say. He said you can probably find them online. I’ve heard some of them floating around the MYGNRForums
  • He said there was an interview he did with VH1 in New York with Slash but he can’t find it. There are interviews of them together. Check out the clip from my channel below
  • He didn’t run into fans asking about Axl or Guns N’ Roses when on tour with Snakepit.
  • He didn’t really know other guys in Snakepit except for Johnny.
  • Favourite song is Shine from Ain’t Life Grand. Rod wrote it when he was having a bad day.
  • Slash never reached out to Rod Jackson to play in Velvet Revolver or on solo records. Rod claims that Slash knew Rod was busy with his solo stuff.
  • Rod’s solo album is set to come out in April and he plans on touring to support it.


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    Dear Sid please send me an email so I have your address I’d like to send you some music. I’ve worked with a lot of high profile artists over the years from Hardrock to Motown weather they worked on my records in the bands that I worked with or if we supported them on a tour, gig. I would like to talk to you about this via email and maybe at that point over the phone and see if there’s any interest and my experiences with Guns and Roses. That being said I hope you email me thanks keep up the good work all the best J.

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