Roxana Shirazi Talks Guns N’ Roses, New Book and Sneaking Into Syria!

New Roxana Shirazi Interview

Author, activist and teacher Roxana Shirazi who wrote the book The Last Living : Born in Iran, Bred Backstage, recently did an interview on the Appetite for Distortion podcast where she talked briefly (very briefly) about Guns N’ Roses, her new book (no title yet) and sneaking into Syria. I’ve summarized her interview below.

  • Discovered Guns N’ Roses quite early on. She wasn’t so much interested in the music as she was in Axl Rose. She was around 11 or 12 at this age. She was a bit scared of them. Shortly afterwards got into their music.
  • Was a huge Doors and Leonard Cohen Fan.
  • Wasn’t an outgoing kid. Ran away from home at 15 and became a stripper in London
  • Hung out with Velvet Revolver 2005 while they were on tour
  • Hung out with Steven Adler’s band around that time.
  • No debauchery really, most people were sober when she was backstage with rockstars
  • Became friends with Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold.
  • The Dirt (book)was her bible.
  • She’s done reporting on Syria and the Ku Klux Klan
  • Her first book includes Stories on Izzy, Steven, Dizzy, Axl, and Sebastian Bach. She claimed Izzy was a really quiet guy and Steven Adler is like a baby.
  • She claims to have been in a relationship with Dizzy Reed who was married at the time and claimed he didn’t treat her very well. This was around 2006. She published his texts and emails in her first book.
  • People who play with Dizzy Reed are complicit with him treating women that way she claimed Other women came forward about Dizzy Reed not treating them well.
  • Her lawyers were the same lawyers that represented GNR and they were very careful about what she was and wasn’t allowed to say in her book
  • Tracii Guns didn’t like the story about him in her book
  • She talked about partying with Rammstein and how they were crazy even in their 50’s.
  • Axl signed private area, but it got wiped away pretty quickly.
  • Iran government has her on a death list.
  • She talked about being smuggled into Syria to do reporting on the war.
  • She used to date a big mafia boss in Las Vegas.
  • She didn’t think The Dirt could be made into a proper movie.
  • Danny Bonaduce interviewed her she wasn’t a big fan as he was rude to her.
  • She’s currently starring in a play
  • She maybe writing a new book she’s trying to decide for a new title
  • After her book she got offers to write for FHM but turned them down as they were hollow.
  • She was not happy with the editing of her first book since Neil Strauss and Anthony Bozza wanted it to be too sensationalized.