Tracii Guns Claims That Axl Rose Wants to Record With AC/DC

Axl Rose and Angus Young

Tracii Guns Gives New Interview

LA Guns guitarist Tracii Guns recently gave an interview to RadioactiveMikeZ 

It seems like Tracii can’t escape an interview without being asked about Guns N’ Roses or Axl Rose. He briefly talked about Axl Rose and AC/DC saying the following:

Tracii: “Knowing the guitarist-leader mentality, I think Angus [Young] is going to take it as far as he physically can. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t. He’s got Axl [Rose], and I know Axl is really into the idea of making new music with AC/DC. Touring with an established band is one thing, but creating music with a band and leaving a legacy, I think that Axl would be really excited to do that, and I’m sure Angus would be, too. That might be a nice way to cap AC/DC.”

On AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson:

Tracii: “I don’t think anybody knows the truth except Angus and Brian. I don’t know that it was as cold-hearted as it appears to be. Then again, I also have a lot of experience with band members. People change, and relationships change. The legacy of Brian Johnson is incredible, and it’s not like he’s short on cash. There’s a certain freedom not being in your band. Believe me, I know. People don’t understand that when, particularly when you’re having great success, it’s demanding. Going from time zone to time zone, months at a time, really takes its toll on you, especially when you’re older. It’s nice to have a break, and it’s nice to kind of take control that’s not so successful, so you’re not always committing to one thing after another. When you’re successful, you have to commit every day to some activity that maybe you wouldn’t normally do if you just were being an artist rather than a business person.”


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