Rumor: Steven Adler To Tour With Gilby Clarke in Australia and New Zealand

Steven Adler

Former Guns N’ Roses Members to Tour Together Down Under?

According to my subscriber Jason who lives in Australia, Steven Adler will be touring with Gilby Clarke sometime this year. He was listening to Triple M Radio who made an announcement. Jason claims that the announcement was made by one of the Young brothers who owns the Cherry Bar on AC/DC lane. It’s already been announced by Steven Adler that he plans on doing some touring this year. We heard some rumblings a while back that Austrlia and New Zealand were on his itinerary. As we get more information, we’ll keep you guys updated. Check out the video below of Steven Adler mentioning his touring plans for this year.

Why Doesn’t Guns N’ Roses Not in This Lifetime Tour Setlist Change?

Legendary Keyboardist Dizzy Reed recently chatted with one of my subscribers during his last gig as part of the Hookers and Blow Tour going on across the United States. I want to thank my subscriber Ben who got the chance to chat with Dizzy Reed and his bandmate in Hookers and Blow Alex Grossi. You can read the interview here:

According to Ben (follow him on instagram)  “I did get to talk to Dizzy for a bit, though, and I did ask him one question ….. I asked him about switching up GnR setlists, something we ALL want! I said “So throughout the Guns tour, the setlist remained relatively the same. I’m sure it’s pretty much up to Axl, but is there any way you could convince him to switch up the setlist to include more rarities from the Illusions records, such as an awesome song you’ve been playing with Hookers & Blow, ‘Pretty Tied Up?’

And Dizzy replied “I’ve been pushing for that for YEARS now, and I will continue to try. He (Axl Rose) makes the setlists for GnR, and I make my own for Hookers and Blow, and for now, that’s it”