Guns N’ Roses: The True Story Behind Slash’s Secret Visit To Axl Rose’s House (2005)

Slash Tries to Bury The Hatchet

For years during the early to mid 2000’s Guns N’ Roses members Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash were involved in a lawsuit over Guns N’ Roses publishing. During a night in October 2005, Slash made an unannounced visit to Axl Rose’s Malibu home in hopes of trying to bury the hatchet with his former bandmate. However, things didn’t turn out that way. Instead Velvet Revolver almost broke up and Axl Rose put out a press release claiming that Slash bad mouthed his bandmates. Check out the full story below!

Steven Adler To Play Whisky A Go Go!

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Steven Adler will be playing the Whisky A Go-Go on May 10th according to the Whisky A Go-Go’s social media pages. Adler’s band Adler’s Appetite will be celebrating 30 years of Appetite for Destruction along with some hits from the Use Your Illusion albums. Below is the list of the ticket prices. They range from $25.00-$100.00. You can buy tickets here

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.05.19 PM
Whisky A Go Go Ticket Prices

Tyler Bryant Talks Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC

Tyler Bryant of Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown (TBS) was recently interviewed on the Appetite for Destruction podcast where he talked about touring with AC/DC when Brian Johnson was nearing the end of his run with the band and opening for Guns N’ Roses. I’ve summarized what we learned from the interview below.

  • TBS opened for AC/DC for Brian Johnson’s last ten shows in 2016.
  • Tyler Bryant said there were a few times where Brian told the audience he couldn’t hear. Talked about one show in Denver in particular how Brian was singing mostly from muscle memory and he couldn’t hear the guitars. Most of the other times Brian sounded great.
  • TBS was in Nashville and they heard that Brian Johnson was leaving AC/DC and the AC/DC tour was postponed or cancelled. They were supposed to be playing Atlanta the next day and finish the American tour and go to Europe with AC/DC.
  • Tyler Bryant was originally touring with Billy Gibbons but they left with his blessing to go tour with AC/DC.
  • During the time after Brian left Tyler Bryant didn’t get much info out of AC/DC’s people. In fact Tyler Bryant made it seem that the AC/DC camp is very tight lipped about what’s going on behind the scenes even in this day and age of social media.
  • Next time they heard about AC/DC it was when the band was in Atlanta rehearsing with singers and the photo of Axl leaving the studio came out.
  • Axl Rose became familiar with Tyler Bryant when the band opened for AC/DC in Lisbon, Portugal. The next day Axl’s people got in touch with Tyler Bryant to ask them to open for GNR.
  • Tyler Bryant wasn’t surprised if Axl sticks with AC/DC to record an album and do a tour although Tyler Bryant stressed that he didn’t have any inside information.
  • Tyler wrote a thank you note to Axl for helping save his band’s summer when they were in limbo.