Guns N’ Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed Talks Guns N’ Roses, Solo Album & More!

Dizzy Reed

Dizzy Reed Visits Australia Morning Show to Talk New Record

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed was recently interviewed by Australian Television where he talked about Guns N’ Roses, his upcoming show in Australia and his upcoming solo record Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Easy. Big thanks to my awesome subscribers Sammy and William from Australia for sending me this!

20 Year Anniversary of Axl Rose’s Airport Arrest

On February 10th, 1998 Axl Rose was arrested at an airport in Phoenix for causing a disturbance. What was significant about this event was that it was the first time the public had seen a photo of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose in almost half a decade. His last public appearance before the arrest was in January of 1994 when he inducted Elton John into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. While photos of Rose have emerged in recent years from 1994-1998, this was the public’s first look at a new Axl: shorter hair, stubbly beard and looking a bit more fuller in the face. He would probably go unrecognizable to a lot of everyday people. What people don’t realize is what Axl was exactly doing in Arizona. Today we take a look back at the arrest. Check it out below!

Matt Sorum Won’t Join Hollywood Vampires on Summer Tour

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum announced on Twitter that he won’t be touring with Hollywood Vampires this summer. It was revealed yesterday that Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry would be touring for the first time across the United Kingdom this summer. What was absent from the press release was any announcement pertaining to who is playing bass and playing drums.

While fans of Hollywood Vampires maybe disappointed with the announcement, Sorum did announce that he would be focusing on new Kings of Chaos music and other exciting features. The current lineup of Kings of Chaos features Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), DeLeo brothers (Stone Temple Pilots), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Billy Idol and of course Matt Sorum.

Hollywood Vampires will be playing the following dates in the United Kingdom and be supported by the Darkness and the Damned.