WTF Is Going On With Matt Sorum’s Hair?

New Fan Video with Matt Sorum at UCLA!

A new fan video of Matt Sorum emerged recently that shows the former Guns N’ Roses drummer at UCLA talking the future of music and art. If you guys remember I posted a recent interview with him where lots of comments were directed at his hair. Well this video doesn’t help. Check it out below!

Myles Kennedy Hopes to Work Again with Slash and the Conspirators

Alter Bridge and Slash frontman Myles Kennedy was doing an interview with Glide Magazine to promote his upcoming album Year of the Tiger when he was asked about what the future held for Slash and the Conspirators. his response is below.

“Will there be anything coming up with Slash and those guys?

I love those guys and I’m sure there will be something in the future. I think we all felt like it was such a healthy, great experience and hopefully there will be something down the road cause I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of those guys.”

He also briefly touched on having bandmate Frank Sidoris’ hair in his mouth when playing on stage.

“Have you ever been afraid for your life when Todd and Frankie [Sidoris, guitar player with Slash] were running around and swinging all that hair?

(laughs) Oh sure! I remember on one occasion, Frank swinging his head and I got a big chunk of hair that went right down my throat (laughs). He has a great-tasting conditioner (laughs).”

He also touched on his songwriting ability in the interview

“Every time that I talk to Todd Kerns [bass player in Slash’s solo band], we marvel at your ability to write such incredible songs. So being that you’re actually a normal, happy guy, does it take a lot of effort to go real deep and find the sadness or the hurt for the more emotional songs?

Yeah, I’ll be straight up, I try to be a well-adjusted normal person. I strive for that. But like everybody has the things they deal with in their internal struggles, I think that music has always been my way of kind of working through a lot of that. And I think probably a lot of that comes from losing a parent at a young age. There is kind of a dark side that resides in me and I just try and deal with it in healthy ways. Being creative is probably the best way I can do that.”