Izzy Stradlin Was Supposed to Appear with Guns N’ Roses in Nashville and Pittsburgh!

Izzy Stradlin

Last week it was reported that Izzy Stradlin showed up to a Guns N’ Roses rehearsal, but left afterwards. It was said that it was some City in the midwest that Izzy showed up to. It’s now been revealed by Mitch Lafon that the City was Nashville. The Guns N’ Roses Nashville gig was important because it was Steven Adler’s second appearance with the band. It was also revealed by Lafon that there was hope that Izzy might also show up for the Pittsburgh show as well. It was also reported by some people that Izzy was spotted in Nashville around the time of the gig. Check out Mitch’s tweet below.

Legendary Canadian Band Talks Touring with Guns N’ Roses

Legendary (just kidding) Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace talked about opening for Guns N’ Roses this past summer. I had the chance to see Our Lady Peace open for Guns N’ Roses this past summer in Edmonton, but I made the wise decision and chose not to. The band was recently interviewed and asked about touring with Guns N’ Roses last summer. The band’s drummer Jason Pierce talked to The Charlatan about what’s new with the band

TC: You guys toured with Guns N’ Roses. What’s it like to tour with those legendary bands?

JP: Guns N’ Roses was a tour on a scale I have never seen in my life. I don’t think it gets any bigger than that. Getting to tour with a band that I looked up to my whole life, you can’t put it into words. It’s an honour beyond words. I had a couple run-ins with Slash and Duff [McKagan], and let’s say I was a little nervous around them.

TC: Did you get to hang out with them or talk to them a lot?

JP: I talked to them a bit, but most of my sentences were jumbled words because I was nervous (laughs). I don’t usually fan boy in front of people, but you know, it’s Slash.

TC: What were some of the fun backstage or highlight moments of that tour with Guns N’ Roses?

JP: Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of like inter-band mingling. They were kind of set up on the other side of the stadium on their own wing of dressing rooms and we were on the other side. The funniest situation that happened was that big boxing match going on [Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Conor McGregor]. We were in Regina and our busses were all parked at the hotel, Axl [Rose]’s bus was parked next to ours. And for some reason, our bus was the only one that would get the signal to the fight. So, we ended up buying the fight, watching on our bus, we had to keep the window open so Axl could watch from his bus, next to ours.

TC: He didn’t want to come over?

JP: I guess not, I guess not.