Interview: Guns N’ Roses Former Manager Doug Goldstein!

Doug Goldstein Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses Manager Doug Goldstein from 1987-2002 Sits Down With GNR Central!

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Doug Goldstein sat down with us to talk about his career and time with Guns N’ Roses. Check out our 3 hour plus interview with him below!

Guns N’ Roses Former Backup Singer Talks Use Your Illusion Tour!

Singer Roberta Freeman of Tracy and Roberta was recently interviewed on the Appetite for Distortion Podcast. She toured with Guns N’ Roses from late 1991 to early 1993. I’ve summarized her interview below as it relates to Guns N’ Roses!

  • Roberta is on tour singing background vocals with a Pink Floyd cover band called Brit Floyd.
  • Roberta is working on her own project later this year.
  • She revealed when she was younger she had really bad stage fright. She’s over it now.
  • Roberta performed with a bunch of big named artists including Pink Floyd, Nile Rodgers, Keith Richards.
  • Roberta was on tour with Cinderella when drummer Fred Coury told her about Guns N’ Roses looking for a backup singer. Fred was friends with Slash and played with Guns N’ Roses. Fred mentioned her name to Slash.
  • Her impression of Guns N’ Roses was that she heard them a lot on tv and over the radio. Welcome to the Jungle was playing on everything she remembered. She compared Guns N’ Roses to Led Zeppelin because of Axl’s falsetto. She admitted she wasn’t as big of a fan of Guns N’ Roses when she first joined the band. She liked their music but liked Pink Floyd better.
  • She thought it was a great opportunity to work with Guns N’ Roses given their popularity.
  • Slash called Roberta and invited her to do the gig.
  • She ended up moving to Los Angeles because she was done with the cold weather and she knew it was the place to be. Slash told her to come up with the vocal arrangement. Slash asked her to find another backup singer. She ended up getting Tracy Amos who she worked with previously.
  • Axl Rose never showed up to any rehearsals and Roberta started to worry.
  • Once they get to the first show Roberta hadn’t seen or met Axl. Roberta talked to Doug Goldstein and asked to talk to Axl. She didn’t know how guarded that whole camp was. The camp didn’t like people talking to Axl. Roberta was persistant that she talk to Axl. Doug finally gave her the okay. She said Axl was so cool and okay with everything. She said was very kind and complimentary and Axl felt the backup singers added so much to the sound. She said Axl’s never said an unkind word to her.
  • Management (Doug Goldstein) made it seem like Axl wasn’t cool with a lot of things, but in reality he was. Doug Goldstein thought Axl wasn’t happy with Roberta’s solo on Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. Axl overheard this and said he loved Roberta’s solo.
  • Roberta felt that some people in the band weren’t happy to see them since they were cramping their style. It was Axl who wanted to backup singers.
  • Roberta said she became a bigger fan of the band after performing with them for so many nights.
  • Roberta said she got along best with Gilby and kept in contact with him over the years.
  • Roberta loved hanging out with Teddy. Lots of nights in the hotel lobby jamming on hotel piano with Teddy. She said Duff McKagan is so sweet. A lot of people thought she was doing Duff, but she wasn’t. Matt Sorum and her got along okay. She saw Slash a few years ago and he was great.
  • She said she had an amazing experience with Guns N’ Roses. She said in a lot of ways it was more rock n’ roll than Pink Floyd.
  • No studio sessions were done with the Guns N’ Roses on the Use Your Illusion Tour. There were some jam sessions with Teddy and Gilby, but that was it.
  • She said the November Rain video was a very long video to shoot. She said the wedding day scene took a long time to shoot. Lots of waiting. Roberta did her own hair and makeup and wardrobe.
  • Her most fond memory of the Illusion tour was when they played the Paris 1992 gig with Lenny Kravitz, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry joined the band. They hung out with Lenny in a club afterwards. Drinking champagne with Lenny Kravitz was cool.
  • Lisa Maxwell may have thought of the idea to use the name 976 horn section. Lots of men in the audience would hold offensive signs targeted at the backup singers.
  • Roberta’s going to be playing on Gilby Clarke’s upcoming record.