Velvet Revolver Were Thinking of Hiring Lenny Kravitz to Replace Scott Weiland!

Velvet Revolver Were in Talks with Lenny Kravitz At One Point

It’s the 10 year anniversary since Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver, which effectively ended the band as they never performed live again outside of a one off reunion show with Weiland in 2012. Dave Kushner has revealed that the band came very close to continuing with a new singer.

Dave Kushner revealed in a new Fueled By Death Cast interview that Velvet Revolver hired Franky Perez to replace Scott Weiland during their year and a half singer search in 2008-2010. Perez didn’t work out though and was let go, and Velvet Revolver never continued. He also revealed for the first time that there were talks with Lenny Kravitz, and that Velvet Revolver tried out Royston Langston from Spacehog and Ian Thornley from Big Wreck. Alternative Nation transcribed Kushner’s comments.

We had this guy Franky Perez, who is still a good friend of mine, who is a amazing singer. We actually told him he was in the band, he was the only guy who actually got hired, we kept recording with him. It just kind of – the longer we worked with him, the less it felt right. There were other factors, I think Slash was getting ready to do a solo record. I think his head was already over there at that point.”

“We worked with the singer from Big Wreck, we worked with the singer from Spacehog. We didn’t work with Lenny Kravitz, but there was some talk of us doing stuff with him. There was a lot of talk, there were a lot of dudes trying to get that job too, like the first time, but obviously at that point people knew. It just didn’t happen.”

“So Franky Perez got hired by the band. He moves from Las Vegas to LA, he has no money, then all of a sudden he’s not in the band. I felt horrible for him, because I was always kind of the underdog in the band. I was like, ‘Oh dude, that’s so messed up.’”

He mentioned that Perez ended up moving close to him, and they continued to write songs and work together even after Velvet Revolver.

If you guys remember Slash played with Lenny Kravitz on his 1991 album Mama Said on the tracks Always on the Run and Fields of Joy.

Pete Wentz Wants to See a New Guns N’ Roses Album

As a massive Guns N’ Roses fan, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz was asked by Music Feeds for his take on how the band should approach a hypothetical new album, to which he replied:

“What I think 100% is that I don’t believe Guns N’ Roses can do another ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ just like Fall Out Boy cannot do another [2003’s] ‘Take This to Your Grave.’ Once your life is changed and you have kids… I think it would be really hard to re-box that…

“What I think would be really cool – I think it would be really cool to see one of the bigger heavy bands do something with like, Skrillex or Knife Party. ‘Cause they’re clearly influenced by it and it seems like something that would work really, really well together.”

After the interviewer said that Skrillex opened one of the shows during GN’R’s ongoing tour, Pete added:

“Oh they did, didn’t they? Hey, so it could organically happen. It just seems that’s the way… ‘Cause there are two dangers – the danger that you stay the same forever and your thing gets smaller and more quaint. But there’s also the danger of jumping the shark and just latching onto whatever’s popular. But I think if you work with somebody that you organically have a relationship with, maybe you’ll just come up with something that’s kind cool and different.”