Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum Posts Video Cover of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door!

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum Covers Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door!

Former Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum posted a video of him covering the Bob Dylan classic Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door! Check it out below!

Jack Lue Talks Guns N’ Roses and Reunion Shows!

Guns N’ Roses Original Photographer Jack Lue was recently interviewed on the Appetite for Distortion Podcast. I’ve summarized his interview below:

  • Slash was always in and out of bands.
  • Jack shot some of the photos after the hell tour at Canter’s Deli. He originally shot some photos for their flyers as they were playing the Troubadour in the near future.
  • He shot the photo on the back side of Live Like a Suicide. One of Marc Canter’s employees lent his car for the photo shoot.
  • Jack met Slash through Marc Canter through playing pool. He said Slash was a good pool player. Jack was a few years older than Slash. Jack had a car so he could drive all the guys from the bands to see concerts. He said they’d use to see concerts all the time.
  • He always used to talk music with Slash.
  • He knew Slash when he used to go by his original name Saul.
  • Slash didn’t take offence to being called Saul back in the day.
  • He thought Guns N’ Roses had a unique look and he thought they were okay at first because he didn’t know the song really well.
  • Jack shot some other 80’s hair metal bands.
  • Jack preferred to shoot Guns N’ Roses the most out of the all the bands on the strip. They had an amazing energy.
  • Steven was the friendliest of the band.
  • He loved shooting Axl.
  • Jack will be at Classless Act’s upcoming show.
  • He said he would love to see the 5 original guys. He said the current reunion is great though.
  • He said he’s seen Guns N’ Roses in 2006 at KROQ Inland Invasion. That was the last time he spoke to Axl. He went backstage after the show. He said life gets in the way so it’s tough to connect with Axl. He also saw Guns N’ Roses in 2012. Jack shot the Coachella show in 2016 and Las Vegas show. Katrina and him were the only people in the pit who shot the show.  He said Guns N’ Roses owns the rights to the photos. He wishes they would approve it so he could get it out.
  • Jack said he called Slash’s manager to see if he could shoot the LA show and his manager set that up.
  • He asked if he could shoot the 2016 Dodger stadium show and was told no.
  • Jack said he has a lot of shots he hasn’t released in his collection. A lot of club day shows.
  • When Guns got big he took a hiatus in 1988 so he could go to school and work since he didn’t have any time.
  • Jack still has a lot of negatives from what he shot. He gave some photos to slash but hasn’t got them back.
  • Jack used a fuji 1600 colour film and olympis camera. He said it was the smallest SLR he could sneak into shows. back in the 80s
  • Jack said it doesn’t bother him that a lot of people can be amateur photographers.
  • Jack said he shot about 30 of the club shows back in the day. Jack said he probably has a few thousand.
  • No one has asked him to sell the rights to his GNR photos. He said if the money’s right he’d sell the rights to the photos.
  • When the band broke big Jack said he was happy for the guys since they were his friends.
  • Our interview with Doug Goldstein referenced. A questioner asked whether Marc Canter still talks to Slash. Jack wasn’t sure if this was true. Marc confirmed to us that he didn’t see any of the reunion shows.
  • Jack said there are politics involved with the band. Probably has to do with the management managing them. We were planning on doing a Guns N’ Roses gallery before the Dodgers stadium show and him and former Guns N’ Roses photographer Gene Kirkland were going to do it at Canter’s. They promoted it got the photos ready and management sent a cease and desist letter. Art Tavana said he went to Gene Kirkland’s own event that was done. Art asked why the reason was for that. Jack said there was a Guns N’ Roses pop up store at the same time and maybe they didn’t want to compete with them. Jack said once he heard from the band he didn’t want to do it.
  • Jack said he’d love to do a 30th anniversary celebration for Appetite.
  • Jack said he loves to shoot girl bands.He’s shot a female Guns N’ Roses cover band called Paradise Kitty
  • Jack said he may do a book in the future. He said everyone wants old shots from the 80’s. Nobody wants new things.