Soundgarden’s 1992 Europe Tour With Guns N’ Roses

Insanely trustworthy news source Alternative Nation posted an article on their website talking about the 1992 tour they did with Guns N’ Roses. While nothing is new from it, there are some references to Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses. I’ve included them below. You can read the article here:

“The U.S. tour was a success, and Soundgarden’s European adventure kicked off in May with Guns N’ Roses. GN’R’s Paris show was to be a pay-per-view event which would include the support bands like Soundgarden.

After the Paris show Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose stayed up for a few days straight, meaning that some shows had to be rearranged and thus Soundgarden had a week off from the tour before they hit England. The band kept themselves busy by playing the infamous PinkPop Festival in the Netherlands to an absolutely packed crowd. This was a Monday, and five days later the band were in England…..

“Guns N’ Roses and Soundgarden were ready to perform at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium, filled to the rafters with 80,000 rock fans. Whilst the bulk of fans crammed into the stadium were there for Guns N’Roses, there were some die hard fans of the Seattle quartet pushed up towards the front. They were the ones that had already bought, listened to, and consumed the band’s latest album, Badmotorfinger, which had been available for almost nine months. Fame and fortune were knocking on Soundgarden’s door, which had taken 8 years to achieve, but fans ingrained in the Seattle scene knew that Soundgarden were the band to get the ball rolling long before Nirvana, who in 1992 would go on to headline the infamous Reading Festival in front of 60,000 people here in the U.K…..

Soundgarden looked back on their European opening slot for Guns N’ Roses with admiration, but also caution. Ben Shepherd would go on to say that he wanted to hate the circus that was attached to such a large stadium tour, but he couldn’t because the guys in the band and their crew were just too nice. Though Cornell commented decades later that everything was fine, and in particular Slash and Duff were cool to hang around, but Axl could make things difficult. Matt Cameron said that the band had to do this tour in order to get on the Lollapalooza tour of 1992 and make a name for themselves.”