How Well Do You Know Guns N’ Roses? Trivia Contest!

Play Along to the Howard Stern Trivia Contest!

Last July, Sirius XM hosted a Guns N’ Roses show at the Apollo in New York City to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction! Howard Stern had a few fans on to answer questions about the band to see who could win tickets to the show. The highlights include the Asian Pete game and Richard Christy drumming on Sal Governale’s behind. Play along and post your score in the comments section!

In a new interview with Las Vegas Magazine, comedian Andrew Dice Clay mentioned Guns N’ Roses and how he helped reunite the band. Check out his quote below:

“I had everything to do with putting Guns ‘N’ Roses back together, so I went to their first show. My boys have a band called Still Rebel, which is real rock ‘n’ roll, so my son, who’s now 27, he’s the drummer of the band since he was 15 he would tell me, he goes, “Dad, you know you’re the only one who can put that band back together.” So when I saw what my boys were doing, in my mind I was like, “Alright, we gotta bring rock ‘n’ roll back in a bigger than life way.” And I was always close with Gun ‘N’ Roses, so I actually physically went to work on piecing them back together. I was glad they got together, just putting rock ‘n’ roll back out there. Now L.A. Guns is doing it, which I love. They’ve got a new album. It’s great to see, and that helps my sons’ band, which is reminiscent of the ’70s rock, the ’80s rock. Melodic rock ‘n’ roll.”

Interviewer: Wow!

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So anyway, I went to the first show of Guns ‘N’ Roses at the Troubadour in Hollywood, and I took my boys. It’s the only show I’ve gone to. It’s the only show I need to see because I want to see their first (Gun ‘N’ Roses) show together. And they were phenomenal. The whole club probably holds 400 people. So I was up in the V.I.P. section, and when I was leaving near the end of the show Bradley Cooper was sitting near the end of this bench and I just stopped for … I didn’t even stop. I just said, “I just wanted to tell you, you were great in American Sniper. I follow your career.” And he was with his mother, who grabbed me and said, “Wait a minute, not so fast.” She goes, “You don’t know what you mean to our family.” And I go “Thank you, I’m a big fan. I followed your son’s career since Wedding Crashers, and I just think he’s a terrific actor.” She goes, “How many times were you at The Spectrum?” You know, the Philadelphia Spectrum. And I go, “Three times.” She goes, “We were there two out of the three times.” And Bradley, he was kind of quiet that night. He’s a real gentleman. He’s a real nice, nice guy. So anyway, here I am a few months later. I wind up in his office at a studio, just talking to him, OK? And I’m talking mostly about my sons because he was about to have a child. No matter what’s going on in my career, I don’t give a f*ck really, my biggest accomplishment to me is the way I brought my boys up, because we went through a lot, and they’re the nicest guys. They could rock their asses off, but they don’t act like rock stars. They don’t rip all the hotels apart and all the bullsh*t. That was on a Friday. The next day I get a text from Bradley, if I could meet Stephanie, which is Lady Gaga’s real name, and I go to the studio in Hollywood where she was recording music for A Star Is Born, and that was really cool just hanging out, me and her. Then he showed up and he had us go in another music studio and just sort of improv some scenes out of his movie. Not to learn lines, because I didn’t know it.”

ANDREW DICE CLAY, Las Vegas Magazine, April 20, 2018