Guns N’ Roses Central Interview: Manny Charlton

Manny Charlton Discusses Guns N’ Roses and His Upcoming Projects

Guns N’ Roses Central had a chance to interview legendary guitar player Manny Charrlton. We chatted about his career, his time with Guns N’ Roses and his current and upcoming projects. Big thanks to Manny for agreeing to chat with us.

1. Who has been your major influences as not only a guitar player but as a producer and song writer? 
Lots of Guitarists……Scotty Moore (Elvis early Sun Records ) Buddy Holly ,Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry .Hank Marvin. Jeff Beck , Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons.
Producers… T Bone Burnette  George Martin, Jimmy Page, Glyn Johns ..and of course Roger Glover
Song Writers …Bob Dylan .The Beatles. Paul Simon, Bob Marley.Lowell George  
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2. Favourite guitar to play? (Strat., Les Paul, other?) 
I’m a Les Paul man for live work …In the studio anything thats close by LOL
3. Tom Zutaut approached you about working with Guns N’ Roses? Did it take a lot of convincing for you to check out the band?

Not really, I had a lot of respect for Tom and his work with Geffen

4. What was your first impression of Guns N’ Roses?

The original cassettes I had were Sound Board live mixes and couldn’t really judge the band on just that …As people I liked them a lot they had  a real band camaraderie and chemistry …and a desire to succeed 
5.  When you recorded songs with Guns N’ Roses did you know you were recording something special? Do you still have the demos to this day?
Yes..I thought were a great band and had couple of songs I really liked …Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain …I believed were special the rest of the songs were good  but nothing too exceptional
I still have the Demos some where I think . LOL
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6. I’ve heard that November Rain, Welcome to the Jungle were played at those sessions. Were there any other songs played with you? Did you jam with the band at all?
The rest  of the songs were pretty much their set list at the time …They didn’t have Sweet Child of Mine at that point
No I didn’t jam with them ..I.m not really into jamming with anyone outside my current band.
7. Any regrets on not being able to produce ‘Appetite for Destruction in the long run? Anything that you would have changed on the album? A different approach to any of the songs? Or is perfect the way it is? 
Regrets ?…. not really I had commitments with Nazareth at that time , finishing the Cinema album and Tour Dates’ No I wouldn’t change anything it was the perfect debut for its time. I did have a minor quibble with Axel wanting to keep November Rain for a subsequent record
8. When you were in the studio with the band and you recorded them live, who of the 5 original members had the most energy? Was the most ‘professional?’ Most determined?
Axel was the main driving force Still is I believe 
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9. Did you stay in touch with any of the members from Guns N’ Roses afterwards?
Not really 
10. What was your opinion of the Guns N’ Roses cover of “Hair of the Dog?” Is it a huge honour when other musicians cover your music? Did they ask permission to cover the song?
Their cover of HOD ? I was honoured  with them including it ..But a little disappointed in that they didn’t really put their own stamp on …Its kinda like a pretty much standard bar band rip.
They didn’t need permission to cover it .
11. Who would you like to work with (live on stage or in the studio)? Who’s on your ‘bucket-list?’ 
Miranda Lambert ( LOL) or T Bone Burnette
12. What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome as a musician? 
Writing lyrics that satisfy me
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13. Your favourite Nazareth song to play live? Favorite Nazareth album to date? 
Song Razamanaz……Album   Hair of the Dog
14. Do you have any thoughts on Axl fronting AC/DC? Do you foresee new music from AC/DC? 
Sounds like a management Money Maker idea …as a Creative mix ..MEH
15. Ever have a “Spinal Tap moment,” on stage? 
Not really
16. Have a favourite ‘story from the road?
Too many… most rated and Legal mine fields.
17. What were your thoughts when Axl, Slash, and Duff got back together as a band again? 
1 question WHY?
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18. Have you seen any of the Guns N’ Roses reunion shows? If so, which ones? 
Not really interested in their music any more   However.. I’d would go see Jeff Beck or Richard Thompson or maybe Alison Krauss 
19. Any advice for new bands coming up? 
In today’s music Biz……. Good Luck and believe in yourself and your fans 
20. Any projects that you are currently working on that you would like to promote? 
Just Finishing a new Fluffy Jackets DVD/CD also trying  to finish a new Manny Charlton solo CD