Steven Adler’s Singer Constantine Moroulis Says that Guns N’ Roses Members Axl Rose and Slash Are “Betraying” Steven

Constantine Moroulis Gives a New Interview Talking About Steven Adler

According to extremely credible news site Alternative Nation, Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler’s new singer Constantine Maroulis was recently interviewed on the Appetite For Distortion podcast.

“They should send Steven a truck of them so he can sign them at shows in a gold sharpie that I will hand him, and we will take pictures in front of it, like I have anything to do with it. I will be like totally, totally, this is my box set, it’s not a big deal. They’re like no, that’s your dick in a box, that’s not the box set, that’s just your dick.

But yeah, they should send Steven a truckload of them, and he should be promoting it as well. I think this is a story about redemption. Those are his brothers who he grew up with, and they are betraying him right now. He’s going to prove to them that A. we sound better than them and B. it’s not Guns N’ Roses without Steven Adler on drums.”

Listen to the full interview here

Guns N’ Roses Look to Continue Not in This Lifetime Tour Into the Fall!

According to the National.AE, Guns N’ Roses will play a show this November in Abu Dhabi performing a concert after a Formula One racing event. This comes a week after Jarmo, an employee of the band stated on Facebook that Guns N’ Roses would be adding additional tour dates this fall. Since they will be in Asia one can assume they’ll be playing some more Asia dates and possibly Australia and New Zealand. The article states the following:

“The band will return to the region to play the prestigious race-day show, on November 25 at du Arena on Yas Island. They last performed in Abu Dubai in March 2017.

The legendary rock-metal band has been on the road and making music since 1985, and the group’s make-up of has changed over the decades, the current line-up consisting of frontman Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Richard Fortus on guitars, Frank Ferrer on drums, and Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese on keyboards.”