Guns N’ Roses YouTube Channel Posts Two New Music Videos in 1080p!

The Garden and Alternate Video for Sweet Child of Mine Posted!

Thanks to Tommy for this story! So apparently the Guns N’ Roses VEVO channel on YouTube has posted two new music videos. One is for the Garden and the other is for the alternate video for Sweet Child of Mine! The Garden strangely enough was never posted on the Guns N’ Roses VEVO channel until today. I’m not sure why that is. If you wanted to watch the music video for the Garden in the past you’d be able to see it on a random YouTube channel not affiliated with Guns N’ Roses. Also it was a fairly low quality version of the video. Both videos are available to watch in full 1080p on the Guns N’ Roses VEVO channel. It’s not clear why these videos were added after so long to the Guns N’ Roses VEVO channel.

Another song not on the Guns N’ Roses VEVO channel is You Could Be Mine. I believe this video is not on their channel because of licensing issues. Guns N’ Roses would probably have to get permission to use footage from Terminator 2. You can check out the two videos below:

New Steven Tyler Documentary Features Slash From Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is interviewed in the new Steven Tyler Documentary “Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb”. The film was selected to open the Nashville Film Festival on May 10th, 2018. You can check out the trailer below which features some snippets with Slash.

According to Variety

“The date has also been proclaimed “Steven Tyler Day” by Nashville Mayor David Briley. In addition, Tyler will perform with Nashville-based The Loving Mary Band at The Woods at Fontanel on May 12.

“Nashville is a key part of my musical journey and has had an influential place in my career, so this recognition from the city is a tremendous honor,” said Tyler. “I’m also so touched that the Nashville Film Festival selected ‘Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb’ to kick off opening night of this year’s event with our world premiere.”

Ted Crockett, CEO of the Nashville Film Festival added, “It is an honor to have music icon Steven Tyler kick off an exciting 10 days of film premieres, VIP events and industry panels at the 49th annual Nashville Film Festival and indicative of the quality of talent participating in this year’s festival.”

Tyler is best known as the vocalist and pianist of the hard rock band Aerosmith. He formed the group in 1970 with guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano. Tyler released his solo country rock album “We’re All Somebody from Somewhere” in 2016 and supported the album with the “Out on a Limb” Tour.

The documentary shows Tyler embracing the challenges of shifting gears, both as a solo performer and in a new genre of music and explores the passion, drive and search for creative fulfillment that keeps artists pushing boundaries throughout their careers. Casey Tebo directed the documentary and also served as producer alongside Tyler, Rebecca Warfield, and Todd Thompson of Vermillion Entertainment, a Cross Creek Media company.”