Myles Kennedy Shares Advice for Musicians!

Myles Kennedy

Myles Gives His Two Cents About Being Successful in Music Industry

Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy was asked by WRIF on what he believes are “keys to your success” throughout the years, to which he replied (transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“Dumb luck. [Laughs] I think a lot of it has been that I do work really hard. I love what I do.

“Someone had told me once that in the music industry – or anything you do – there’s a certain amount of luck involved. But you have to be prepared when you get those lucky breaks. So it’s that marriage of work ethic and when the moment comes to be ready for it.

“I think more of anything that’s probably what it was, learning it very early on – just to have love and devotion to your craft and take it seriously.

“Someone said that the other day, which I thought was really brilliant. He said, ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take your work seriously.’ And that’s something that I think is very important.”

How many times a day you get complimented on ‘Blackbird’?

“We really see it when we’re touring. We do these meet-and-greets and it’s amazing how many people have the ‘Blackbird‘ image that we have on our record. They have attached it on their body or they have the song lyrics on their body and a tattoo…

“So it’s pretty amazing. If someone told me 10 years ago when we put that song together how much that song was gonna resonate with our fanbase, it would definitely blow my mind. So it’s been cool to see that.”

Kennedy was also asked about the country influences on his recent debut solo album “Year of the Tiger,” to which he replied:

“It probably comes from more of an acoustic-blues-based approach. That’s a genre that I really love, and I always wanted to make a record in that vein.

“I also felt like… Considering that I sing with Alter Bridge and sing with Slash & The Conspirators – if I did a record musically that touched on the same hallmarks of either of those projects, it would kind of dilute things a little bit.

“So I figured this is the time to do something different, and to do that we’ll need a different sonic tapestry to have the chance to sing over. So I definitely went for more of a blues and acoustic-based approach for it.”