Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine Makes List of Top 10 Most Popular Delivery Room Songs!

Guns N’ Roses Hit Song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ Makes Top 10 List

According to the Daily Mirror, Pampers the diaper company did a survey to see the top 10 most popular delivery room songs for expecting parents. Guns N’ Roses hit song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ is number 7 on the list. Check out the list of songs below


The top 10 birth songs

  1. The Circle of Life, Elton John
  2. I Want to Break Free, Queen
  3. Roar, Katy Perry
  4. Push It, Salt n Pepa
  5. I’m Coming Out, Diana Ross
  6. Happy, Pharrell Williams
  7. Sweet Child O’ Mine, Guns n Roses
  8. Under Pressure, David Bowie / Queen
  9. Get Ready for This, 2Unlimited
  10. You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Stevie Wonder
  11. Easy Like Sunday Morning, Lionel Richie
  12. Just Breathe, Pearl Jam
  13. Let It Go, Idina Menzel
  14. Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
  15. The Drugs Don’t Work, The Verve
  16. Let’s Go, Calvin Harris
  17. Let it Go, James Bay
  18. Try, Pink
  19. Sunrise, Norah Jones
  20. Don’t Panic, Coldplay

Appetite for Distortion Interviews Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Alan Niven

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven was recently interviewed on the Appetite for Distortion podcast, and he detailed Axl Rose filming S&M footage with his ex-wife Erin Everly for the “It’s So Easy” music video. The ‘It’s So Easy’ Music video was originally released exclusively on Apple Music before being uploaded to the band’s YouTube channel last week! Niven said:

“Axl wanted to put in some S&M stuff that he shot with Erin, unbeknownst to me at the time, he quietly arranged this with Nigel Dick. When I went to look at the footage, and sit with Nigel and start to get a basic edit on it, there was a lot of hanging Erin off the door, putting a ball gag in her, beating her and stuff. I was sitting there going, ‘Yeah, this is going to play brilliantly. Nice move Axl, brilliant.’

So at that point, I said, ‘We’re not going to go with one more track, Geffen don’t want to go with one more track, and we’re just going to shelve it, and we’ll put it out later. We can put it on a collection or something.’ I got it off the table. Ironically, when Erin divorced Axl, she went looking for copies of it, and masters of it, to make it a part of her complaint. So for it to come out now, I hope he asked Erin whether she minded at this point.

I’ll say it bluntly, it’s a great band being compromised by one individual, again. Do I think it’s appropriate? No, I think that’s a bit personal. If you want to make bondage tapes with your girlfriend, keep them at home Axl. I’m not sure the rest of the band want to be associated with it.”

He later said, “Axl, we were going to shoot something about the band, now it’s about you and Erin, and kinky sex. I shelved it.”

“I mean how clueless, to borrow Fernando [Lebeis]’ word, can you be? Have you heard the name Harvey Weinstein? Have you forgotten, Axl, that you were on the cover of People magazine, and the headline on People was ‘Battered Beauties.’ Get a clue, this is not going to be accepted that well.”