Guns N’ Roses Keyboardist Dizzy Reed Gives Advice to Musicians!

Dizzy Reed

Dizzy Reed Talks About What Up and Coming Musicians Need to Do

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed was asked by Comebackstage for his top advice for all the up-and-coming musicians out there, to which he replied (via Blabbermouth):

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“It’s very easy to get sucked into what we have in the realm of our home studio and our computer and just making music that way.

“You have to get in front of people and play. You have to take that rejection; you have to take the good with the bad. That’s how you get better; that’s how you grow as a musician and as a performer.

“My advice would be to get out there and play – take it out of your bedroom, take it out of your garage, go out and play in front of people. If you have a bad show, that’s what you learn from. You correct your mistakes and you get better.”

Asked on what it feels like to go from playing arenas with GN’R to touring clubs with his side band Hookers & Blow, Dizzy replied:

“I don’t mind it, actually. I think it’s kind of cool to get back into clubs once in a while and play – to have that audience reaction right there, and to be able to talk to people and hear what they have to say.

“Sometimes it’s not good; sometimes it’s cool. But I’ve been doing that most of my life, playing bars and stuff. It’s also pretty cool to play big arenas and stadiums. I’d probably take that over the clubs, but you do what you have to do.”