2019 Maybe A Very Busy Year for Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash

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Todd Kerns Gives New Interview Talking Slash and Conspirators Touring Plans!

Thanks to Marcus for this! Todd ‘Dammit’ Kerns gave an interview recently to Hear2Zen where he talked about upcoming plans Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. He revealed that 2019 maybe the biggest run of tour dates the band would do. Check out a snippet of the interview below

H2Z: And we now have more and more tour dates popping up
TK: We are doing a quick run of about a month of dates in the fall of 2018. We have discussed whether we bother going back out in December, but that may or may not happen, and then in the new year is pretty much the biggest run. There will always be a lot of stuff bubbling that isn’t confirmed yet. And if we do a big run that’s great, but if we don’t, I have never had any trouble finding things to keep myself busy. That’s the one great thing about the Conspirators, is while it’s a band, we also view it as a project. We have these bunch of guys and we get together and we make a record and we go tour. But also, that bunch of guys also has many other things going on, be it solo stuff, Alter Bridge, Toque, and now Guns N Roses, so we always have so much to do. But I will say this, the one thing people may not have noticed, is that Snakepit only did 2 albums. Velvet Revolver only did two albums. The Conspirators have now done 3 albums, and I personally take that as a huge step in the right direction, and whether we make a 4th or we don’t, it’s really not the point. To me, it’s a great achievement that we have done just that, and beyond that, who knows. No one knows anything as far as the future goes. I know as far as 2019 goes, I’m going to be busy, and then probably just be doing my own thing again. And that never feels like a consolation prize to me. Doing my own thing, is something that I want to do.