Louder Sound Reviews Appetite for Destruction Remaster!

Louder Sound Reviews Appetite for Destruction Reissue!

News publication Louder Sound reviewed the Appetite for Destruction reissue. Rolling Stone gave the box set a 4.5/5 and Louder Sound gave the release the exact same review. Here’s what they had to say:

This collection captures the elusive moment when a band gets to grow creatively and blossom into something irresistible and magical out of sight of the public eye and before an adoration that almost inevitably helps snuff out the creative flame that these embers can only start to hint at. There’s little or no point poring over the bones of one of rock’n’roll’s most defining debut records – suffice to say it now comes with audio configurations far beyond my record player’s pay grade. The songs still snap and growl though, all strut and switchblade and the template for a hundred awful West Hollywood bands that would follow after. Appetite For Destruction might have given us Ratt, but you can hardly blame Guns N’ Roses for that. ….

The Appetite For Destruction: Locked N’ Loaded box is the one true GN’R Holy Grail. The box includes the Super Deluxe Edition with 4CDs featuring the album newly remastered for the first time ever; B-sides N’ EPs newly remastered; the previously unreleased 1986 Sound City Session N’ More recordings; a Blu-ray Audio disc with the album, bonus tracks and music videos in brand new 5.1 surround sound along with the unearthed music video for “It’s So Easy” originally shot in 1989 but never finished; and a 96-page hardcover book showcasing unseen photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive and a wealth of memorabilia.

According to Brando from Appetite for Distortion Podcast, one of his listeners attended a listening party for the reissue in Europe this past week where they spoke to representatives from Universal Music. Universal revealed the following details regarding the reissue.

“Got to talk to some Universal Music The Netherlands people yesterday at the AFD release party and some of the interesting things they told me:
– the Locked N’ Loaded box isn’t sold out but worldwide they had 2/3 of the available sets sold through pre-orders (6666 pre-orders) apparently.
– Duff attended a presentation/hearing for record company people in LA a few weeks prior to the first announcements of the Locked N’ Loaded box.
– The idea of a golden ticket inside the boxes was discussed, but not realized. Logistics. This decision was made shortly before the first announcements.
– the record company leaked the video for the LN’L box set a day too early on purpose.