Easter Egg Found in Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite for Destruction’ Locked and Loaded Bundle!

Locked and Loaded Bundle Features Additional Demo Tape!

According to several people who have bought the Locked and Loaded bundle for ‘Appetite for Destruction’ reissue, it appears there is an easter egg in one of the drawers. It appears to be the 1985 Mystic Studios demo that leaked online a few months ago. Not too long after it leaked it was immediately removed online. According to Superfan Kevin and another superfan who purchased the bundle they said the following on the comments in the video below


The Mystic Studio demo cassette was indeed included on the Locked and Loaded boxset. It was mastered and the cassette inserted into one of the drawers. 5 songs. Not on CD though and not on the super deluxe edition. This wasn’t promoted but the mastered Mystic Demo was included, at least on the more expensive boxset. This is why they had it pulled off YouTube. Great versions of Don’t Cry, Back off Bitch, Anything Goes, Think About You, and another version of Welcome to the Jungle. Most of us have heard this already. I’ve had the Mystic Demo instrumental since the 1980s but at least it’s released now in some capacity. The biggest disappointment for me was the absence of a mastered Sweet Child O Mine demo or any live tracks.

Several fans asked where Kevin got this information from and he replied with the following:

Well, Tim Troccoli and everyone on mygnrforum says so. I don’t have a boxset but they say the cassette is hidden in a back drawer so double check!

Another fan chimed who bought the Locked and Loaded box set and said the following

I have the Locked N’ Loaded edition. There’s a hidden audio cassette within the box that has five demos–I’m not sure if these are the “Mystic” sessions referenced at the beginning of this video. The songs on it are “Jungle”, “Anything Goes”, “Don’t Cry”, “Back Off Bitch”, and “Think About You”. The Locked N’ Loaded box is a well done package. The box I received from UPS was FORTY-TWO pounds. The wooden box is solid, and heavy. The music sounds great, though it is misleading to say it has 73 songs on it. In reality, there’s 51, and 22 of them are also part of the Blu-Ray disc. Being a monster GN’R fan, I also purchased a Super Deluxe edition, and the 2 CD limited edition from Target, which includes an iron-on patch. The question I have to ask the reviewer is, why would you expect Axl, Slash, and/or Duff to plug this? It essentially sells itself, being the greatest rock and roll album ever made. Those guys are (hopefully) working on new music with the current lineup, and that’s where the focus SHOULD be. As great as ‘Appetite’ is, it was released 31 years ago, and you’d think the big three want to make up for lost time with new material.