Guns N’ Roses Break Attendance Record in Sweden Previously Set By Metallica!

According to, Guns N’ Roses have set an attendance record in Sweden previously set by one time former tour mates Metallica!

In the latest stop on their Not in this Lifetime TourGuns N’ Roses have broken the attendance record at Sweden’s Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. 64,289 people turned up to see the band perform, surpassing the record previously set by Metallica (63,036 attendees).

The Not in this Lifetime Tour, promoted by Live Nation, has already made its way through much of Europe and North and South America, Asia and Australasia over the last two years, and has earned positive reviews along the way.

Last year saw the band top the Pollstar’s highest grossing tours list, with a total $151.5 million. The band also came second in a ranking of ticket sales, with a total 2,679,962 sold in 2017. With the best part of a million tickets sold in Europe alone, the tour has been a resounding success for the band who are well known for their turbulence.

Closing the show with ‘Paradise City’, the band impressed the huge number of concertgoers. With the success seen throughout the tour, and Sweden being no exception, many are finding comfort in the fact both rock music and the band themselves are just as popular now as when they rose to fame 30 years ago.

Billy Joel Talks With Vulture About Axl Rose, Donald Trump and More!

Billy Joel sat down with and gave a lengthy interview where he talked Axl Rose, Donald Trump and more. He had a funny story about meeting Axl Rose back in the day. He said the following

The other day I was watching footage of Axl Rose singing “Big Shot” with you at Dodger Stadium. What’s that guy like?
I met Axl a long time ago when he was real big with Guns N’ Roses. I was in L.A. and went to a club and Axl Rose was there — it turns out he’s a fan. So I’m sitting at a table with Axl and these women are coming up, leaning over so you could see every inch of cleavage, offering themselves to him. I’m looking at Axl like, Aren’t you interested in, you know, meeting these women? No, he just wanted to talk about “Captain Jack.”