Guns N’ Roses Members Pose In Front of Their Private Plane (GNR Air)!

Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Del James and Others Pose In Front of Guns N’ Roses Private Plane!

Members of Guns N’ Roses and their traveling group posed in front of Guns N’ Roses private plane (GNR Air). Check it out below!

Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses Was Interviewed By Icelandic Newspaper!

According to the MYGNRFORUM, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose gave an interview to Icelandic newspaper, Fréttablaðið. It will be published tomorrow morning. There are a few quotes from the interview that have come out including the title of the article. They are as follows:

Axl Rose: Guns N ‘Roses do everything for the fans (Title)




Axl Rose, singer Guns N’Roses, said in an interview with Fréttabladid that they had long wanted to come to Iceland and that they all catered for the expectations of their fans.



More than 7% of the Icelandic people gather at Laugardalsvellir on the long-lasting concert of the mythical band Guns N’Roses. These concerts will be the last of their long Not in This Lifetime concert tour, which began in March 2016.

The band has not given many media reports to the media, but the singler Axl Rose informs on Friday that the band had long wanted to penetrate Iceland.

“We just want everyone to do our best for the fans, each other and our crew. Each one continues to encourage their solitude and achievement, “said Axl, among other things, in one interview they have provided on their journey across Europe.

Guns N’Roses’ fame was the highest peak in the 1990s, and after that much water has flowed to the sea. Asking how they still manage to keep their old fools after all these years, he says they are different from each other and who has their own way of keeping themselves in shape.

“But when it’s up, you just have to do what you do to do what we do.”

The announcement of the Fréttablaðið at Axl Rose will be published as a whole tomorrow. In the meantime check out a review of Guns N’ Roses last show in Sweden! Axl Rose has a lot to be proud of on this tour considering the band just set the attendance record at their last gig in Sweden!


Photo Caption:
Axl Rose in the game between bass player Duff McKagan and Slash Guitarist Slash, and according to their simple rock philosophy, they only do what they need to

be Guns N’Roses.