One of the Biggest YouTube Reaction Channels Reviews ‘Don’t Cry’

Alex Hefner Posts His Reaction Video to ‘Don’t Cry’

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One of the better known Reaction Channels on YouTube called Alex Hefner recently posted a reaction video to the music video for the song ‘Don’t Cry’ from Use Your Illusion 1. Hefner said it was his first time hearing the music video and he loved it! Check it out below!

Guns N’ Roses Play the Longest Show of the Use Your Illusion Tour At the Great Western Forum in Inglewood!

Before we get to the article, please go subscribe to my new YouTube channel for Guns N’ Roses Central here

According to HereTodayGoneToHell, it is the 27th year anniversary of Guns N’ Roses longest show of the Use Your Illusion Tour! Guns N’ Roses played four shows in a row at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood. The fourth show would be the band’s longest of the two and a half year long tour. It would be the last show of the North America Leg of the Tour. Following the show, Guns N’ Roses and opener Skid Row would head to Finland to kick off the European Leg of the Tour. This European Tour would be Izzy Stradlin’s last with the band until 1993. According to HereTodayGoneToHell the show at the Great Western Forum featured the following highlights!

The band plays at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA. This show was the longest one on the whole Use Your Illusion world tour. According to Duff it was three hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds long. The show starts with Sid Vicious’ version of “My Way” as an intro, Perfect Crime is the first song and Paradise City ends the set.

“Double Talkin’ Jive” is dedicated to “some asshole at CBS News who likes to call me a punk”.

Shannon Hoon makes guest appearances on Don’t Cry and You Ain’t The First. Sebastian Bach joins the band for You’re Crazy.

The setlist of the show is as follows:

Perfect Crime,

Mr. Brownstone,

Right Next Door To Hell,

Bad Obsession,

Live And Let Die,

It’s So Easy,


Dust N’ Bones,

Double Talkin’ Jive,

Civil War,

I Was Only Joking [Intro] / Patience,

You Could Be Mine,

Piano Solo, November Rain,

My Michelle,

14 Years,


Welcome To The Jungle,

Drum Solo,

Guitar Solo,

Godfather Theme,

Pretty Tied Up,

Rocket Queen,

Don’t Cry [w/ Shannon Hoon],

Only Women Bleed [Intro] / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

encore 1:

You Ain’t The First [w/ Shannon Hoon],

Used To Love Her,

Move To The City,

Bad Time [Intro] / Sweet Child O’ Mine,

You’re Crazy [w/ Sebastian Bach],


Out Ta Get Me,

Dead Horse

encore 2:


Paradise City