Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Goofs Around on Camera!


Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Goofs Around With Meegan Hodges

Meegan Hodges published a short clip of Slash goofing around on camera. Check it out below!

Bottle from Guns N’ Roses 2010 Gig Displayed at Leeds Museum

According to the BBC, the Leeds City Museum is displaying memorabilia from the past years festivals. According to the article

A tequila bottle belonging to Guns N’ Roses and a set-list from the Pigeon Detectives are just some of the mementos in a new archive celebrating Leeds Festival.

Band paraphernalia such as guitar strings and drumsticks join the more bizarre donations of dentures and a bear-shaped hat.

Acts and revellers have passed on the objects to Leeds City Museum.

The archive hopes to document the event for future generations.

Community curator Marek Romaniszyn said: “I wasn’t expecting to get a bong mask but it certainly tells a story.”

First staged in 1999, Leeds is the sister festival to Reading, the world’s oldest popular music festival, and the museum wanted to reflect the event’s place in popular culture.

Collectors got in touch with artists who have played at Bramham Park and festival-goers to pick something meaningful to them.

Mr Romaniszyn explained: “I asked the artists to send me something used, something which reflected their time there.

“Heart-ships sent me a few items, one of which was a moulded set of dentures – the story being this was an impression of the singer’s teeth which they had on stage when they played at Leeds.”

Steven Adler Fires Constantine Maroulis

Steven Adler played some shows earlier this year with his new singer Constantine Maroulis. Well it looks like Maroulis will no longer be fronting Adler’s Appetite. The former Guns N’ Roses drummer took to Facebook announced a new series of upcoming shows later this month with new bandmates including a new singer.

Steven Adler announced on his Facebook page that he has a new band for his upcoming Las Vegas show on August 24th. Ari Kamin is now the band’s singer, Tanya O Callaghan will be on bass, and Michael Thomas will still be in the band. There was no mention of Sean McNabb.

“One week from tonight!!! Come check out my new band! Hope to see you all there at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas!!! Vater Drumsticks Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Michael Thomas, Ari Kamin, Tanya O Callaghan.”