Slash Comments on Rumor That Erin Everly and Meegan Hodges Were Behind Guns N’ Roses Reunion!

Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan

Slash Discusses Rumor Behind Him and Axl Rose Reuniting!

In the latest issue of ‘Classic Rock Magazine’, which features Slash on the front cover, the Guns N’ Roses guitarist addressed a rumor behind the real reason Axl Rose and him mended fences. A rumor that was started by author Mick Wall said that Axl Rose’s ex-wife Erin Everly and Slash’s current girlfriend Meegan Hodges were behind fixing the rift between Axl Rose and Slash. Slash gave his two cents saying the following

“The depths to which people go in social media… This is a phenomenon that has changed society completely. It’s deep, man. It’s a huge outlet for cowards, a horrible way for people to distance themselves and to get further away from being able to communicate directly.

“It’s craziness, you know? Especially around a band like Guns. People tell me about [what people are saying] all the time, and I don’t even want to know about it, because it’s just too much. It’s overwhelming to me.

Almost to illustrate the point, I mention the rumour that Slash’s new partner, Meegan Hodges, and her friend (and Axl’s ex-) Erin Everly, somehow helped get Guns N’ Roses back together.

“Oh God, no,” he says. “See, this is what we don’t want to get into. Because there’s so much talk out there. Erin had nothing to do with anything. Are you saying that Meegan and Erin got Guns N’ Roses back together?”

The rumour came from Mick Wall’s Guns N’ Roses book The Last Of The Giants. Mick wrote that Meegan somehow started the conversation.

“I haven’t spoken to Mick in ages so he doesn’t know about anything”, he says. “I’m sorry, Mick, but… Because no one [in Guns] is doing any press, no one wants to talk about anything personal. I’ve spent the last… since two thousand and eight or whatever, avoiding Guns N’ Roses questions, and my life has been a lot better because of it. So I am not about to get into that now, you know. But no, there’s no truth to that.”