Slash Dispels Guns N’ Roses Reunion Rumor!

Slash Discusses Axl Rose’s Late Starts and His Punctuality!

Guitarist Slash appears on the front cover of this month’s ‘Classic Rock Magazine’ where he discusses Guns N’ Roses and his upcoming album ‘Living the Dream’. During the interview he discussed Axl Rose’s tardiness during the 90’s and how the band has become so punctual on the ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’

Well’s let’s settle something else while we’re here. For years, Guns N’ Roses have been famous for appearing on stage late. Since you’ve rejoined, that problem seems to have been cured. What’s the difference? How is this Guns N’ Roses getting on stage on time?

“I don’t know, man,” he says. “Axl’s been amazing. He’s been so professional that it blows my mind. I mean, he’s always been professional, but obviously we had some issues with a lot of different things back in the day, but there was a lot of reasons that I wasn’t really aware of… You know, there was such a divide-and-conquer thing going on around us by somebody who will remain mentionless, that we never could get to the core of that problem.

“When we went to do those Coachella gigs, in the back of my mind I was wondering how this was all going to go. But Axl’s been unreal. We’ve been playing for the last almost two years without a hitch. No matter what’s been thrown at him.

“But it’s not because of anything that was said. I think there’s a rumour going around that said that I would quit [if the band were late on stage], or that there was some contract. None of that. There was nothing even mentioned about it.”

Slash’s New Single ‘Driving Rain’ Moving Up the Billboard Charts!

Earlier this month Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators released their single ‘Driving Rain’ from their upcoming album ‘Living the Dream’ (due out September 21, 2018). ‘Driving Rain’ has been on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts for the past 3 weeks. Last week the song was at number 16 and this week it moved up 5 spots to number 12! Slash also has had another song on the charts with ‘Shadow of Your Love’ over the past several months. This week however, it looks like the ‘Shadow of Your Love’ has finally fallen off the charts.

Last week Slash released the second song from his upcoming album called ‘Mind Your Manners’.