Slash Claims to Have Quit Smoking By Using a Hypnotherapist!

Slash Reveals He Quit Smoking in Early 2000’s Using a Hypnotherapist!

Slash recently appeared on Steve Jones radio show on 95KLOS where he talked about many things including Guns N’ Roses, his upcoming solo record and smoking! Slash said his ex-wife Perla Ferrar bugged him to stop smoking since everytime he’d handle his first born child he’d be smelling of cigarettes once he gave the baby back to his wife.

Slash revealed that he saw the same hypnotherapist that Steve Jones used to quit smoking.  Slash said this happened around 2002 and it worked well for him. He quit smoking for 9-10 months, but it wasn’t until a friend brought over a bottle of wine and french cigarettes that Slash started his disgusting habit again. You can check out the interview below!