Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators to Play Free Show!

Slash With the Conspirators

Slash Announces on Social Media a Free Show On October 6/18 at Mohegan Sun, CT

Slash announced on social media today that Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators will be playing a free show at Mohegan Sun Wolf Den on October 6, 2018. Mohegan Sun is located in  Uncasville, CT. More information can be found on the Mohegan Sun website here. 

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Appears on Steve Jones Radio Show!

Slash has been out promoting his upcoming album ‘Living the Dream’, which is due out September 21, 2018. During one of Slash’s stops he appeared on Steve Jones radio show (Jonesy’s Jukebox) on 95KLOS. Check out the interview below along with my full summary of what was discussed! Don’t you just love GNR Central for saving you time?


  • Steve Jones told Slash he can’t swear on the radio
  • Slash said he loves Australia. He said he loves Sydney because it’s a beach City.
  • He said he loves Australian people they are pretty chill.
  • Steve Jones asked about Snakepit.
  • Slash said Snakepit has been defunct for a long time. He talked about the different incarnations of the band.
  • Slash said he loves playing and wants to jam all the time.
  • Slash said he would jam with anyone in the 90’s who would have him.
  • Slash said he hates the term “practicing” because it doesn’t sound rock n’ roll.
  • Steve Jones said he watched a Van Halen documentary on TV last night. Slash said he’s a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen as a person and player. He loved Van Halen when it first came out. He thought Eddie’s style was something that Eddie did and no one else could do it like him. Slash said he didn’t go down that road when he picked up the guitar. Slash said he’s influenced by Eddie because he’s a great and fluid player.
  • Slash said when he first heard Van Halen at 13 he felt like it signalled the end of rock as they knew it.
  • Slash said he thinks everyone’s biggest influence is Eric Clapton. Slash said his guitar teacher was playing a Cream song and that’s what attracted Slash to playing lead guitar.
  • Slash said he saw Eric Clapton play a the Forum in LA recently. He said he’s not a super exciting guitar player, but he’s an “adult” player. Slash rattled off his other influences include Mick Taylor, Keith Richard, Jeff Beck, guys from Aerosmith he put together as one.
  • Steve Jones played Slash’s new song ‘Mind Your Manners’.
  • Slash revealed him and Myles will be playing Jimmy Kimmel on September 12th
  • Slash said last few months he’s been a guitar buying nut. Slash said he got a Sunburst Les Paul 59 guitar recently. Slash said the guitar is worth so much because only 3000 made or so and it’s picked up a certain “cache” and it’s the holy grail of electric guitar. Slash said hes bought some cool strats and telecaster. He said he loves good sounding guitars. Gibson probably wouldn’t want him to say, but the Strat is one of the most versatile guitars out there.
  • Steve Jones said he’s been getting flying V guitars and strats lately.
  • Slash said he just designed firebird guitar with Gibson. He said it has humbuckers in it.
  • Slash said he recorded most of the album at his own studio in a house he doesn’t live in. They couldn’t record the drums there because the room isn’t big enough.
  • Slash said the producer was the same guy who did last two Conspirators record.
  • Slash said no one calls him by his real name ‘Saul’. The last person to call him that was his grandmother. Slash talked about how he got his nickname ‘Slash’.
  • Steve Jones talked about horror movies with Slash. Slash said he does pop up theatre things where they watch old horror movies like The Omen or promote other people’s movies like Death Wish..
  • Slash said he has four movies in development right now as producer.
  • Slash said after Conspirators Tour next year he might work with Guns on a possible new record.
  • Slash said whenever they were rehearsing with Guns N’ Roses they would listen to Steve Jones show everyday.
  • Slash said he doesn’t like expensive jewellry he gets a lot of stuff for free. He said for a long time people would give him whisky and cigarettes, now it’s t-shirts and jewellry. Slash said he gave up smoking for 9 years.
  • Slash said in 2002-2003 his first son was born and he was smoking 3 packs a day. Matt Sorum suggested a hypnotist to quite smoking. Slash said he met this hypnotist and he did two sessions. Slash said he quit smoking for 10 months and then a friend came over with a bottle of wine and french cigarettes and he started again.
  • Slash revealed that his son’s band Classless Act will be opening for him at the Palladium in Hollywood.