Ex-Wife Perla Ferrar Just Revealed Slash’s Earnings From Guns N’ Roses in 2017?

Court Documents From Looming Divorce With Perla Ferrar Point to Slash’s 2017 Earnings!

According to the Blast, Perla Ferrar and Slash are still going back and forth over their divorce settlement. Perla’s lawyers claim that Slash made $45 Million in 2017! Keep in mind, it previously was reported that Slash listed his monthly income as $345,000 per month during the couple’s divorce negotiations. That $345,000 is likely Slash’s monthly earnings prior to the Guns N’ Roses Reunion in 2016. Now, Slash didn’t make $45 Million all from Guns N’ Roses, however we can probably safely assume a majority of it is from the ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’.

According to that previous report Slash had agreed to play his ex-wife Perla Ferrar $6.5 Million in their divorce settelement. Their deal at the time broken down like this:

Perla Ferrar will maintain primary custody of the couple’s two children but both of them will share joint legal custody.

Slash will be required to pay $6,627,352 within 30 days of the judgement being signed by both parties. He’ll also pay $100,000 per month in spousal support until death or remarriage, and $39,000 per month in child support. The children will also collect 1.8% of Slash’s income until the year 2036.

Slash got to keep all his interest in Guns ‘N Roses and his other companies, all his trademarks and residuals as well as a number of fully-loaded bank accounts.

Slash also listed his monthly income at $345,000 per month.

Slash Talks Playing Guns N’ Roses Songs on Upcoming Tour With Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators!

According to Blabbermouth

Slash says that his solo band, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, won’t be playing Guns N’ Roses songs at their shows in support of upcoming album Living the Dream, which is released on Sept. 21. They commence a U.S. tour on Sept. 13.

“When we first started out in 2010, I just had the [first] solo album with all the different singers on it,” he told Q104.3 in a new interview. “So at that point, we did songs off of that record and a lot of Guns N’ Roses stuff which I hadn’t played in years, and then some Velvet Revolver and some [Slash’s] Snakepit. We did that, and then we recorded Apocalyptic Love, so we had a little bit more original material, but we kept doing the Guns stuff and Velvet Revolver and so on.”

Slash Talks ‘Living the Dream,’ First Guns N’ Roses Reunion Rehearsal

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He continued: “World On Fire, at that point, we had a pretty good catalog of our own stuff, but I was still digging playing ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and whatnot. Then I hook up with Guns N’ Roses, so now, I’ve played all those songs for the last two years. So I’m sort of like, ‘Okay, we don’t have to do any more Guns N’ Roses songs.’ We have enough to do.”

On the subject of trying to rekindle the chemistry with Kennedy and the Conspirators after time away, he said: “The chemistry’s there automatically. … It’s a very sort of unseen, organic thing that happens. When you start playing together, you know how to play off of each other. You sort of predict what the other guy’s going to do. I don’t know how it works, but it just does.” He described his colleagues as “a great little rock n’ roll unit.”

Asked about the future of Guns N’ Roses, who have nine dates scheduled for November, Slash replied: “That’s it for the Not In This Lifetime tour… I’m going go back out with the Conspirators, and we’re going to do a whole world run over the next year. We’ll see what happens with Guns, the next cycle.”