Dave Mustaine Responds to Slash’s Megadeth Comments!

Dave Mustaine and Slash

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Responds to Slash’s Comments

Slash was interviewed last week by Loudwire where he talked about the possibility of jamming with Megadeth guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine. Dave Mustaine has now responded to Slash’s comments. According to Loudwire.

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The combination of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Guns N’ Roses legend Slash would seem to be a potent guitar force, at least on paper. In our recent interview with Slash, we asked him about his jam session with Mustaine in the ’80s, which he wrote about in his autobiography. We wondered if there is any potential for a future collaboration. “I don’t see myself guesting on a Megadeth song. I don’t think it would work in the context of what Megadeth does,” he admitted, adding, “but maybe Dave on one of my things — I don’t know.” Mustaine, however, couldn’t disagree more.

“Slash is a terrific talent and I disagree wholeheartedly with what he said: that he couldn’t play on a Megadeth record. He’s a brilliant guitar player,” Mustaine told us today (Aug. 28). He explained, “I basically play in the pentatonic scale and that’s like the go-to blues player scale” and mentioned that he’s tried to surround himself with “really, really good players” over the years.

Driving Rain’ Is Slash’s Highest Charting Single For His Solo Career!

‘Driving Rain’, Slash’s first single from his upcoming album ‘Living the Dream’ with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators is the top hatted guitarists highest charting single of his solo career. The revelation came during Slash’s interview with Q1043 last week. You can check out the full interview below and a recap of everything he said here.! The song is currently #12 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs Chart. The song also peaked at #38 on the Billboard Rock Radio Airplay Charts before falling down to #45 this past week.

Court Documents From Looming Divorce With Perla Ferrar Point to Slash’s 2017 Earnings!

According to the Blast, Perla Ferrar and Slash are still going back and forth over their divorce settlement. Perla’s lawyers claim that Slash made $45 Million in 2017! Keep in mind, it previously was reported that Slash listed his monthly income as $345,000 per month during the couple’s divorce negotiations.

According to that previous report Slash had agreed to play his ex-wife Perla Ferrar $6.5 Million in their divorce settelement. Their deal at the time broken down like this:

Perla Ferrar will maintain primary custody of the couple’s two children but both of them will share joint legal custody.

Slash will be required to pay $6,627,352 within 30 days of the judgement being signed by both parties. He’ll also pay $100,000 per month in spousal support until death or remarriage, and $39,000 per month in child support. The children will also collect 1.8% of Slash’s income until the year 2036.

Slash got to keep all his interest in Guns ‘N Roses and his other companies, all his trademarks and residuals as well as a number of fully-loaded bank accounts.

Slash also listed his monthly income at $345,000 per month.