Slash Has to Hand Over Internet Records to Ex-Wife Perla Ferrar Regarding Meegan Hodges Harassing Allegation!

Slash Ordered to Hand Over Internet Records Regarding Harassment Allegation

According to Alternative Nation

TMZ reports that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and his now ex-wife Perla are both single, officially! Both sides informed the judge they reached an agreement in their divorce, and the judge just signed off. We previously reported the terms of the agreement yesterday.

Earlier on Tuesday, TMZ reported that Slash and his then estranged wife, Perla Ferrar, were coming face-to-face in front of a judge Tuesday to hash out parts of their contentious divorce … and she already won one battle early on.

The Guns N’ Roses rocker and his ex are both in an L.A. courtroom trying to reach an agreement in the divorce that’s been ongoing since 2014. Perla just got one of the things she’d been asking for — access to Slash’s Internet provider records with Charter Communications. We broke the story … Perla thinks the records will prove Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges has been harassing her online.

The judge says she’s granting that motion, but there are several other issues on the table. The hearing is still going.

Gibson Guitar Trying to Dismiss $60 Million Lawsuit!

According to Digital Music News , guitar maker Gibson is trying to dismiss a lawsuit from a company named Tronical whose technology Gibson explored, but opted not to use. We reported earlier this year that Gibson was facing bankruptcy. The article is as follows:

Gibson is currently attempting to dismiss the lawsuit in bankruptcy court, according to filings just shared with Digital Music News.  And unfortunately for Tronical, there’s a distinct possibility that the entire $60 million will be written off.

Tronical alleges that it’s been roundly stiffed, and they’re certainly not alone.  Sadly, bankruptcy court could be the perfect escape plan for Gibson, despite evidence of continued overspending by the company.

Just recently, DMN learned that Gibson was sponsoring a contest to find a theme song for the ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ anti-littering campaign.  Ironically, the other sponsor was the similarly-bankrupt iHeartMedia, raising all sorts of messy questions.

Gibson is now looking for a new CEO after effectively firing co-founder Henry Juszkiewicz from the role.