Slash Says There Were No Serious #MeToo Moments in Guns N’ Roses!

Slash Talks SHadow of Your Love

Slash Comments on #MeToo Movement Again!

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Slash has once again commented on the #MeToo movement. Slash is busy promoting his upcoming album “Living the Dream”, which comes out next week on September 21, 2018. Slash also previously criticized the #MeToo movement. According to the article

Slash says that in his experience, there were no serious #MeToo moments during the pinnacle of Guns N’ Roses popularity. “It wasn’t like that,” he said of the abusive and toxic relationships that many male celebrities have been accused of having with women in the past year. “We didn’t have that particular relationship with girls, it was a lot more the other way around.”

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He did concede that some songs from that era were “sexist in their own way” but not in a “malicious” way.

Slash went on to criticize the glam rock scene of the ’80s as “plastic” and rejected GNR comparisons to contemporaries like Poison and Warrant.

Slash’s Guitar Collection Net Worth Revealed

According to the Blast, Slash’s guitar collection’s net worth was revealed along with the fact that he has 221 of them. As a condition of their divorce agreement, Slash will get to keep all his guitars. According to the report:

Perhaps most importantly to Slash, he gets to keep his guitar collection, which he has valued at $1.92 million. The settlement docs list every single one of them — yes, all 221 of them — and there are some insanely expensive ones on the list:

  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Flame Top (Honey Sunburst) $375,000

  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Quilt Top (Honey Sunburst) $225,000

  • 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Flame Top w/OHSC (Sunburst) $200,000

  • 1959 Gibson Flying V Korina (Korina Natural) $125,000

  • 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top (Gold) $120,000

  • 2014 ASG Walking Dead SG (Walking Dead graphic) $500 … hey, Slash is a “Walking Dead” fan!

Court Documents From Looming Divorce With Perla Ferrar Point to Slash’s 2017 Earnings!

According to the Blast, Perla Ferrar and Slash are still going back and forth over their divorce settlement. Perla’s lawyers claim that Slash made $45 Million in 2017! Keep in mind, it previously was reported that Slash listed his monthly income as $345,000 per month during the couple’s divorce negotiations. That $345,000 is likely Slash’s monthly earnings prior to the Guns N’ Roses Reunion in 2016. Now, Slash didn’t make $45 Million all from Guns N’ Roses, however we can probably safely assume a majority of it is from the ‘Not in This Lifetime Tour’.