Saturday Night Live Spoofs Axl Rose & Slash of Guns N’ Roses With Help From Sebastian Bach!

Saturday Night Live Keifer Sutherland Adam Sandler

Saturday Night Live’s Adam Sandler Imitates Axl Rose With a Little Help From Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach

This is an old school clip! Back in the 90’s when Saturday Night Live was still relevant and not a hacky comedy show they used to have some good skits. This one is from the early 90’s featuring Adam Sandler imitating Axl Rose and Keifer Sutherland dressed as Slash. They have the Guns N’ Roses duo singing children songs. Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach gets in the on the fun towards the end of the skit! Check it out below!

Axl At a Guitar Show Emerges Online!

A never before seen photo of Axl Rose from 1995 has surfaced online. An instagram user named Richard Powell took a few photos of Axl Rose in 1995 at the Santa Monic Vintage Guitar Show. There’s one photo we’ve all seen of Axl Rose posing with a fan, but there’s a new photo that shows Axl Rose posing with a U Harp Guitar! Also notice how Axl is seen wearing what appears to be a wedding ring. Check it out below!

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Richard Powell gave some background on the event saying

“One of those funny moments when a random picture shows up in your IG feed and then you recognize your old trade show display and guitars in the background. This was taken at the 1995 Santa Monica Vintage Guitar Show. Axl was cool enough to pose with a bottle of our Virtuoso Premium Polish and wanted a shot of himself with the 1919 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar. Had a lot of famous musicians come though but only got shots of Jackson Browne and Lenny Kravitz”.

Slash Talks About Refusing To Sign With a Major Label Because Of How Money Is Split

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked about having his own record label for his solo output, explaining to LA Weekly during a recent interview:

“I don’t want to sign on to a big major [label]. I just started my own label, and I have majors distribute. That works great for me – I’m in control and my own boss. I don’t have to pay everything I make to somebody else. It’s a crazy business right now, especially for up-and-coming rock bands.”

Focusing on the ongoing demise of the music industry, Slash added:

“All the warning signs were there, and the record business didn’t want to hear it.

“At this point, you’ve got your big commercial artists that are in your sort of upper echelon of Top 40 that the labels pay out these massive advances to, and they get their money back in every way possible.

“Then you have other artists that, if they don’t conform to the Top 40 standard, they’ve got one shot. If they don’t make it, they’re out. There’s no A&R people, there’s no one going out to all the venues looking for new talent to develop.

“All things considered, even with Guns N’ Roses, there was the nucleus of a great group or a great artist that needed to hone in their skills and put out one, two, even three records before they really hit, but there was promise and they saw that and they had the vision. That just doesn’t exist anymore.”

Slash’s new album “Living the Dream” is due out on September 21, 2018. Slash will be kicking off the “Living the Dream Tour” this week with an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on September 12th and then his first show on September 11 for a private audience at the Whisky A Go Go.