Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Gives Tour Of the Sunset Strip!

Sunset Strip

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Vicky Hamilton Gives Tour of the Sunset Strip!

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Vicky Hamilton gave a tour of the Sunset Strip recently. Check out the tour below! Check out our exclusive clip of Vicky talking about Guns N’ Roses!

Rikki Rockett Reveals That Slash Was Upset Over Being Rejected By Poison

A new interview has surfaced on YouTube of Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett talking about auditoning guitar players for Poison. If you guys remember, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash auditioned for the band. Rocket revealed that Slash was upset over not being offered the guitar spot. Rocket did ellaborate that Slash and him are now friends. Rocket said that CC Deville who ended up getting the guitar spot had something that Slash didn’t. Slash always claimed he played the song well in his audition and he didn’t like the look of the band. Check out the interview below

In a brand new interview with Yahoo! MusicGUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Slash was asked if he thinks the band’s catalog has aged well in the wake of the #MeToo Movement. “I’ve never thought of that,” Slash responded. “It’s never crossed my mind. I mean, I think when the #MeToo thing really blew up, the thought crossed my mind of a bunch of musicians, not particular ones, but just musicians [who might be implicated]. But for the most part, as far as all the ones I know, it wasn’t like that. We didn’t have that particular [predatory] relationship with girls. It was a lot more the other way around, in some cases. Anyway, so some of the songs and all that were sort of sexist in their own way, but not to be taken that seriously. I don’t think they were malicious or anything.”

He continued: “I never had a working relationship with anybody that I was, you know, trying to pressure into having s or anything.